Ranveer Brar and Nilu Thapa shared their professional journeys and how to create engaging content

India, 8th July 2021: Content creators today have become a major part of our lives. Be it brands, or consumers everyone depends on content creators either to engage with social media users, to influence the decision of buyers, and to make recommendations which will be beneficial for both the brand and the consumer. Not just buying decision, content creators also influence the way we live our life.

Against this backdrop, Trell, India’s number one lifestyle videos app conducted an insightful Masterclass on 2nd July with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar and Nilu Thapa, a leading Lifestyle and Beauty Influencer, and content creator on Trell. Ranveer Brar and Nilu Thapa shared their life lessons, experiences and useful tips for budding content creators.

The world-renowned culinary chef, Ranveer Brar said, “ The only secret recipe about good content I have nailed down is that I took some time to discover myself in front of the camera through my content. In order to be authentic and to be able to connect with people, it’s important to learn and recognise to be yourself, be unique, and comfortable with your flaws.“

“The biggest life lesson that I can share is to be patient and consistent with your content. A viral video doesn’t ensure huge followers but a viral video does ensure exposure. He further added.

Nilu Thapa, Leading fashion and beauty influencer and content creator on Trell shared “It is very important to have a vision when you create content, to have your own identity, vibe and signature. If you create the content blindly by following trends, it might not appear authentic to your audience, and you won’t be able to relate to it as well. It’s essential to create content which is organic, unique and of best quality.”

Parul Menghani - VP & Head of Content at Trell said, “The aim of this Masterclass was to give a platform to content creators to learn from renowned influencers and better their content creations on social media. We plan to do a lot of initiatives for content creators and provide them with better opportunities which can help them to grow along with Trell.

Trell’s masterclass, besides being informative, was also engaging for the audience, making it hugely successful. With 45 million+ monthly active users, the platform has content creators creating content on various categories including health and fitness, beauty and personal care, travel, food, and more. Trell, further, plans to conduct more such workshops in the future.

About Trell

Founded as India’s first-ever mobile-based visual blogging platform, today Trell is the country’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform enabling millions of people to create and consume relevant and meaningful content in regional languages. The platform has grown rapidly with 45 million+ monthly active users and over 100 million downloads. October 2020, Trell added a ‘Shop’ section, marking its foray into the social commerce segment. Currently offering content in 8 regional languages, the platform is looking to scale by enhancing its offerings and become a global leader in the visual blogging and lifestyle commerce space in the coming years.

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