Bloggers all round the world trust Wordpress blindly. The platform has over the years been successful in amalgamating the passion of blogging with monetary compensation. Automattic, the company behind the world’s most popular publishing platform, Wordpress, is now trying to take blogging to a whole new level and make .blog a reality.

Automattic has recently secured the rights to operate and oversee the sale and registration of .blog domains. This action has been taken more than a year after the top-level domain went up for an auction and was sold to a mysterious buyer during the same.

According to the company's spokesperson, its subsidiary, Knock Knock Whois There LLC, has won the partnership rights with Primer Nivel, a company conceived to acquire top-level domains. Matt Mullenweg, CEO, Automattic, has revealed that buying the rights to run the domain has cost both the companies about $19 million. A report last year had predicted the deals cost at around $20 million.

Automattic is currently considering offering the domain to users, but not in an exclusive manner. According to the company, the .blog domain will be in fact made available to everyone, regardless of the fact whether they have a free or paid website or which hosting service they're availing. owners will make the .Blog domains available to everyone by the end of 2016 after giving the first usage advantages to trademark owners in August and early applicants in October. If you're one of the interested buyers for the .blog domain, you can sign up for the same here.

You can sign up to be first in line to reserve a domain here.

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