2015 was the year that Delhi entrepreneurs broke the entrepreneurship scene with some very out-of-the-box ideas and inventions. Here, we're listening the top 10 startups, launched in 2015, that according to us deserve a shoutout for their uniqueness and gumption to do something different from the rest.

Having initially started their services with Delhi/NCR, they are now also getting traction from Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

1. mShipper -

Logistics and Supply Chain

Founder(s) - Ranvijay Singh, Saurav Sagar, Vishwa Bhaskar and Kamlesh Kr. Chaurasiya
mShipper is first of its kind logistics startup in India in a way that it is a 'crowd shipping' platform connecting low weight consignment senders to registered & verified individuals, who works as freelancer shippers. The startup is indeed India's first crowdshipping platform and claims to be different as it has Real time GPS enabled tracking and a Pay Per Delivery model to offer to its customers.

With in one year of its launch the startup successfully received a seed funding of Rs 50 Lacs from Delhi-based angel investor Vijai Laxmi

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2. Renomania -

Home Renovation & Design

Founder(s) - Sundeep Malhotra, Navneet Malhotra, Rahul Lodha and Ritu Malhotra
India's first and only home design and home building platform, Renomania connects millions of home owners, home design professionals and brands across India, together as a community and claims to be the easiest way for everyone to get their home styling inspiration and embark on a design project.

The startup co-founded by Sundeep Malhotra, founder and former CEO of HomeShop18, has a slew of home and interior design products and has a section where professionals can create an account and upload images of their products to connect with potential customers.

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3. NearGroup -

Social Networking For Neghbourhood

Founder(s) - Prashant Pitti
India’s first neighbourhood social networking app, the startup is available on Android and iOS and works strictly within a neighbourhood, allowing only genuine residents of a particular area to register via Facebook.

Prashant Pitti, an alumnus of IIT-Madras decided to come up with a social networking application for neighbourhood after he realised that though in the 21st century, the people were getting connected to the world but they had no contact whatsoever with their neighbours and neighbourhood.

NearGroup isn't just like any other social networking app, it also strives to assist the users in solving problems like women safety, child bullying in their colony, make local friends, carpool with nearby people, meet similar professionals, and even borrow items of daily use like hammer or ladder among others. In order to do all this, they will have to become a part of a neighbourhood community just by downloading the app and registering themselves by selecting their location.

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4. Tooler -

Online Home Maintenance Services

Founder(s) - Himanshu Arora, Vishal Gupta, Sukanth Srivastav and Bhaskar Singh
The App based startup provides services of Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Home Maintenance in the capital and NCR area – Gurgaon and Noida. Functioning on a On-Demand Services model, the app can be termed as an ‘Uber for Handymen’ to book electricians, plumbers, carpenters, laundry and dry cleaning.

In November 2015, the startup raised angel funding of USD 110, 000 (around Rs 70 Lakhs) from a group of angel investors led by Raghu Khanna, Founder and CEO, CASHurDRIVE and Sameer Gupta, Ex­-GM, Paytm.

Tooler is the brainchild of Himanshu Arora, Vishal Gupta, Sukanth Srivastav and Bhaskar Singh. Himanshu Arora is an Ex-BITS Pilani and has formerly worked with Paytm; Vishal Gupta is an expert in making android apps; Sukanth Srivastav is an Ex-VITian and has formerly worked with Paytm on their chief product – Paytm Wallet and Bhaskar Singh has an experience of over 7 years in the field of management with names like Snapdeal and Paytm.

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5. Classverse -

Online Membership For Fitness Classes

Founder(s) - Rukaiya Kanchwala
Founded in 2015 by a former Jabong Director Rukaiya Kanchwala, ClassVerse provides users with unlimited access to fitness studios, classes and gyms across a range of Indian cities for only one monthly membership price.

Founded with a mission of fulfilling membership to the best fitness classes and activities for urban population, the startup has similar business model as US based startup ClassPass. There are thousands of classes available to ClassVerse members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more. The startups offers its services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru offering more than 5,000 classes a week and more than 100,000 fitness and activity slots per month in these cities.

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6. Heybiz -

Real-Time Shopping Assistant App

Founder(s) - Bhartesh Chhibbar
Founded in early 2015, the startup promises to be an engaging mobile application for users and businesses. A user can use the app to connect, chat, follow or even get their queries answered from nearby services or businesses. In December 2015, the startup raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round from managed marketplace ShopClues.

Founded by Bhartesh Chhibbar, a tech savvy adult who had earlier co-founded another startup RockeTalk, HeyBiz mobile application comes to the rescue of business owners by providing them with powerful tools to create and maintain their mini business profile on their Smartphone. Using the app, they can update their users with all the latest things about their business like upcoming sales, promotions or new service being launched etc. in just a few clicks.

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7. Being Juliet -

Subcription Box Service For Menstrual cycle

Founder(s) - Rashi Choudhary
Understanding the trial that periods can have on a woman’s mood and body, Being Juliet, is a startup for the women led by a women herself, Rashi Choudhary. The startup has successfully come up with a solution to make those five most dreaded still awaited days of the month bearable for the ladies of the planet. Notably, BeingJuliet is India's first Period subscription box service.

The startup offers its subscribers a monthly box of sanitary goodies. Along with the sanitary supplies, the startup also packs in small but thoughtful gifts for its subscribers to help them tread those painful five days.

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8. Amicus -

Online Shopping Assistant

Founder(s) - Aayush Srivastava, Nishchal Dua and Nikhil Parmar
Amicus is a predictive analytics start-up which provides its consumers with information about product quality and after-sale-service at the time of making the purchase online, something which most of us don't pay heed to after seeing those heavy discount numbers.

The startup is ambitiously building a patent able algorithm that will be able to crunch the real cost of an online transaction for an individual and a recommendation/personalization engine that takes an individual’s profile into account to drive better conversions.

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9. Quick Call -

Low-Cost Outsourcing/Offshoring Solutions

Founder(s) - Neeraj Tyagi
Founded by Neeraj Tyagi, an International Business postgraduate from University of Delhi, the startup's mission is to disrupt the billion dollar BPO industry with their quick and flexible outsourcing solutions for domestic market.

10. Popxo.com -

Digital Media

Founder(s) - Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom
Two Indian business women took the Indian startup scene by storm last year. What started as a simple luxury website meant only for a niche audience, grew into one of the most loved online magazine that there is right now. Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom are the powerhouse women behind this fantabulous startup.

The magazine, which has names like Hello! Pakistan CEO Zahra Saifullah, former Elle India Editor-In-Chief Nonit onboard on its 'Style Council', offers quality material on lifestyle and sex related issues.

The prime goal of POPxo is to create content that is normal, humorous and not boring. The next stop for the online magazine is to become the country’s largest digital media company for women.



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