After the era of McDonald's and Pizza hut, and the trend of eating out often, people had the sudden realization that they aren't as fit as they would want to be. All the burgers and pizzas began to take a toll on their well-being in the form on increasing blood sugar, cholesterol, obesity and what not. The people now want to be in good shape, they want to engage in physical activities and add a dash of adventure in their lives. Just as this trend started spreading like lice in primary school, we had startups coming up to help us with our newfound interests, and so is the story of FitSo.


Most people when they start exercising for the first time, they take to running or less common cycling. These are the two most basic forms of exercise that anyone can find time for without much hassle. FitSo is a mobile app for runners & cyclist that enables people who are looking to get fit or are fitness enthusiasts connect with each other. It is a social networking platform for fitness enthusiasts. It is a way for them to stay connected and up to date in different activities happening around them, and apart from that the users can also hire professional coaches and much more.


The thought behind this whole idea was the need for a strict routine and a motivational factor. Both of these are very important if someone genuinely wants to get in shape. However, with faster life and work, people do not get time to find the right trainer and like-minded group to sustain their healthy routine. In a bid to aid these set of people, FitSo came into existence. Fitso allows its users to seamlessly connect, train and discover activities of their interest while on the go.



Gurgaon-based FITSOs was founded by three IIT Delhi Alumnus Saurabh Aggarwal, Naman Sharma, and Rahul Sureka by the name of 'Jogo'

Naman Sharma: He worked at Zomato for four years before taking up the role of Technology and Product Head at FITSO.

Rahul Sureka: He worked at Yepme and UrbanClap and is now the startup’s Marketing and Strategy Head.

Saurabh Aggarwal: He worked at Flipkart in Business Development before quitting to pursue his passion for adventure sports.


Their current focus is on fitness enthusiasts and people who are looking to become fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. FITSO aims to make this a community where people can share interests and get involved. The second target is people who want to lose those extra pounds and become fit and healthy. For such people they are also building a platform where people can hire experts and trainers to help them meet their goals.


FitSo has been live in Delhi and NCR for about four months now. They have recently launched the IOS version as well. In this short span of time they have had 10k installs and they are getting around 100 new installs on a daily basis. FitSo was initially called Jogo which means "game" and the app was being categorized in the games category which was creating confusion, and hence it was changed to FitSo.


They are currently active only in Delhi and NCR, next on their agenda is to expand to the rest of the country. They want to monetize the aspect where people hire trainers using the app. Currently this service is free, they plan to charge for it and use it as a source of revenue.

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