Amicus co-founders
Amicus Co-founders - (L-R) Nishchal Dua, Aayush Srivastava, and Nikhil Parmar
Amicus co-founders

Amicus Co-founders – (L-R) Nishchal Dua, Aayush Srivastava, and Nikhil Parmar

Online Shopping has come as a big saviour for most of us as we are so busy with our fast paced lives that whatever free time we do get, we don’t feel like venturing in the sun or cold outside and browsing through hundred options before arriving at that perfect one. Hence, in this era of Online Shopping, a startup like Amicus Shopping Assistant was much needed.

Based out of New Delhi Amicus is a predictive analytics start-up which provides its consumers with information about product quality and after-sale-service at the time of making the purchase, something which most of us don’t pay heed to after seeing those heavy discount numbers flashing on our screens.

Other than this, the shopping assistant also recommends better sellers and products to the consumers, based on the real cost of the purchase. This real cost is calculated by them by taking into account some 40 odd factors like rate of product failure, no. of service centers, the average time taken to resolve a complaint related to the product and cost of spare-parts etc.

Founded by three wonder brains, Aayush Srivastava, Nishchal Dua and Nikhil Parmar, – Amicus has built and launched its data engine and web platform on August 28th, within a short span of three months. Further, the startup has received more than 1 Lakh Twitter impressions in these 3 months period and a J-curve growth rate in the first three weeks of its launch. The startup has also been successful in clinching affiliate deals with all leading ecommerce websites such as Snapdeal, Paytm, Amazon and Flipkart.

Team Amicus

Team Amicus

The startup’s main aim is to provide its users with a personalized shopping experience based on their shopping behavior and pattern. In order to accomplish its this aim, they also provide their consumers with a mobile application to raise their grievances and amplify it on multiple platforms in 3 simple steps, which automatically, increases the chances of a resolution.

Currently, the startup is raising Rs.2 crore at a Rs.15 crore valuation. The incoming money will be used primarily to build the data science team of risk modelers and NLP experts, as well as expanding to different verticals such as insurance, travel, housing and real estate. Amicus also received a pre-seed investment of $10,000 in May this year from Dr. Aditya Dev Sood of the famous Startup Tunnel.

As the startup is in very early stage, it thus has a website only and no mobile app so far. The website too looks very mediocre but have quite handy and useful feaures for users who often do online purchases. The Amicus Consumer Voice helps you get a resolution by escalating your complaints to online vendors such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, among others.

Amicus future plans include building a patent able algorithm that will be able to crunch the real cost of an online transaction for an individual and a recommendation/personalization engine that takes an individual’s profile into account to drive better conversions. Further, it will also be expanding to multiple verticals including consumer electronics, travel and home appliances.



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