You have been living an independent life for quite sometime now and the initial excitement of being on your own is now over. The harsh reality has hit you, the reality of life, the reality of cleaning, cooking and washing your own clothes. Amongst all these sad realisations, the one thing that you miss the most is your mom's love-filled home cooked food.

If you're one of those who belongs to this category, we have an awesome solution in place for you.

Known as Rocketfood, this food delivery startup is known for delivering home cooked meet restaurant type delicacies at a rocket speed, quite literally. The seven months old food delivery startup aims to change the way the country eats food. Their 30 minute delivery guarantee, convenient packaging are some of the things that sets it apart from other such companies operating in this domain.

North Indian food is famous for its ghee and delicious curries and this is also one of the many reasons that make it difficult to order this food for delivery. When it comes to home delivery, many of the north Indian's that I know also prefer south Indian, Italian or Chinese food over their north India delight just because of the fear of getting ghee soaked or leaky curry packets being delivered to them at their doorstep.

Rocketfood solves this problem by delivering the meals in a pizza box packaging, making it easy to eat north Indian food without any additional utensils or even in the comfort of your car while travelling or commuting.

Founded by friends of fifteen years, Anurag and Abhineet, the startup is currently bootstrapped but has some very interesting future plans in the pipeline.

[caption id="attachment_99506" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Anurag and Abhineet - Founders of RocketFood Anurag and Abhineet - Founders of RocketFood[/caption]

This Ghaziabad based startup is currently delivering its gastronomical delightful food only to the people of Ghaziabad and Noida. The startup has plans of expanding into metros like Mumbai and Delhi in the coming months.

As far as food is concerned, there's no complaining. I ordered two rocketfood boost veg for Rs. 180 each and was surprised with the quantity I got. The home meet restaurant taste of the food and its price range makes it extremely feasible to eat daily for your stomach as well as your pocket. I will surely order once again and try the other offerings on the menu.

So, if you're one of those who has got bored of the bland taste of your maid’s home cooked food and a restaurant’s food is too much torture on your tongue, then Rocketfood is a perfect match for you.

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