One of the toughest challenges that an entrepreneur has to face, besides the venture's daily functioning, is pitching his/her business to potential investors.

Since the pitch has a lot on stake, one needs to be well prepared for it. After all, you and your startup's future depend on it.

In order to make you prep for that one big meeting of yours, we, here at, bring to you a list of pointers which you must follow by heart before making that grand entrance before your prospective investor.

  1. Be Well Prepared - No, Here I am not just talking about being well prepared about your idea. Here, the focus is you. Yes, you. Though idea is a big consideration for an investor before investing but a even bigger consideration is the person behind the idea. It's not that difficult to come up with a brilliant idea but it is extremely difficult to execute that brilliant idea of yours in a brilliant way. So, prepare yourself for the storm of questions heading towards you.

  2. Present Well - Any investor focuses more on the way you present rather than what you present. Of course, what you present is important but here your presentation skills will make or break the deal. Remember to cover all the essential points in your presentation and present them as crisply you can.

  3. Keep Your Business Plan Ready From Day 1 - Most of the Angels looking to invest are extremely interested in knowing your exit strategy before finally locking the deal as most of them get bored and tired with one company for so long and start looking for new and fresh opportunities. So, make sure that you have your exit strategy ready with you before going for that meeting.

  4. Research Well - An entrepreneur should not only know all about his idea and business plan but he should also be aware of his investors past, future and present. Doing a thorough research on your investor is going to give you a good overview of the investor's earlier investments and their success ratio.

  5. Make Due Diligence Your Priority - Most of the investors take about three months or more to due diligence on your business ideas. Make sure that they don't have to think much and waste your and their time.

  6. Term Sheet Offer - Negotiate a good term sheet offer. Does this term sound absolutely alien to you? Go check out to the websites of the Angel Capital Association or European Business Angels Network to know more about. You don't want to ignore it as this is often termed as the most painful part of the whole process.

  7. Language- Brush-up those vocab skills because nothing sounds more professional and impressive than a person speaking in fluent language.

With all these points in place, we're extremely sure that you're going to rock that pitch. And, yes, always keep your chin up. It helps. All the best

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