Are wearables your thing? Then, this particular thing is surely going to blow your gizmo crazy brains off.

When we normally talk about a wearable, most of us automatically think that it’s another watch wearable in town. Well, this time, thing again. Because this time, the wearable isn’t a watch, it’s you. Yes, YOU. Sounds crazy and unbelievable, right? Read on.

Google ATAP- the technology giant’s skunkworks division which creates all the cool things that we actually use nowadays, is ready with another wonderful offering for its tech crazy customers. The division recently teased everyone with talks of a new wearable that had the potential to “literally” blow everyone socks off at its session held at Google I/O.

Google ATAP believes that one’s hands are the best way to interact with a device, but, unfortunately, not everything is a device. Known as Project Solis, the wearable plans to make your fingers and hands the only interface you would ever require. It's essentially a tiny radar-based sensor that lets you control devices with your fingers as the interface – no touchscreen required.

In order to make this thing come true; the wearable is actually a radar that is so tiny that it fits easily into a wearable like smartwatch for example. The tiny radar will be able to pick one’s movements in real-time and use those movements to alter its signals.

When at rest, the hand actually moves slightly, which ends up as a baseline response on the tiny radar. Moving your hand from one side to another in relation to the tiny radar will also end up changing the amplitude and signal. Crossing your finger or folding it into a fist also affects the signal and changes it.

In order to make sense and use of the signal to a service or an application, ATAP plans to make use of APIs that will enter into the deep machine learning of the wearable.

Though it’s still in its early stages but this new wearable has surely given something to the tech crazy people to wait for and look forward to. A device that changes your hands into a User-Interface is surely a big invention. You go, Google!

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