Technology is growing at a superfast rate. It is predicted that by the end of this year 50 billion smart devices will be collecting, analyzing and sharing data. Constant breakthroughs are always happening and the rate at which they are progressing is faster than ever. And it’s not set to slow down. While the last decade has seen the main introduction of smartphones, tablet devices, and computers, the next few years are set to see these be improved and changed almost beyond recognition to when they were first developed. There are a whole host of ways technology influences our lives, from our healthcare, education, and wellbeing to our entertainment and careers. Here is how we expect the future of tech to change within the next five years…

5G will change how we handle data

5G will introduce us to a connective period of revolution that will transform how we live, work and play. Its super-fast speed will mean you can enjoy anything, anywhere. From watching Netflix to using your latest casino bonus, you won’t have to wait to be connected to wifi or on a computer to be able to do what you want to.

AI innovation will continue to grow

AI is continuing to grow and will only get better with time. AI algorithms such as Siri and Alexa can already process your voice and output helpful responses, but the future is looking at much more complex innovations. From drug testing to diagnosing health conditions and creating new material, these are just some of the ways tech can change with AI in the next five years.

Remote work will increase

The development of technological devices and programs has already seen the amount of remote work on the rise – and this will only continue to do so. It is through that as the workforce becomes even more progressive and virtual tools continue to improve, workers won’t need to spend much time in the office – if at all. Virtual reality conferencing is predicted to come into place and become the preferred method of communications, and AI could play a major role in managing remote staff members.

Better than perfect-level vision will be possible

Our eyes are an amazing piece of biological equipment, yet soon they could be even better. It’s thought tiny cameras could allow us to see more than ever before. In addition to what we see now, the cameras could help us to see things such as microwave, millimeter waves and infrared images so we can see if food is safe to eat or for self-driving cars to navigate bad weather more easily. These cameras could be used by fitting into our pockets or clipping into our glasses. They could even be used in conjunction with other inventions such as Google Glass.

It is clear that technology is only going to get cleverer and will continue to help us and change the way we live our lives. From our health to our careers, to the way we get around, technology will make our everyday lives better than ever. What do you think the future of technology will be?

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