Among all the various treats that Google announced at its recently held at its Google I/O 2015 conference in San Francisco, this one takes the cake for Android Developers.

What could turn out to be a real learning opportunity for all the Android enthusiasts out there, Google, the tech giant, has partnered with Udacity to provide a six-course Android development nanodegree.

Google's aim here is to help developers learn the nuances of writing applications for the search giant's mobile operating system upto the point that they could potentially be hired by the company in the near future. Hence, the course is meant for advanced developers to horne their skills and get placed at Google.

Similar to Udacity's other degree programs, students will be able to access the videos for the Android nanodegree absolutely free of cost. They will only be required to pay a sum of $200 per month if they want to get a certificate for the degree and get help from the teaching assistants.

The student developers will be required to finish six courses and a number of projects in order to pass their program and get their degree.

The focus of the nanodegree program is to provide as much as practical knowledge regarding the field's working and concepts to the developers.

The whole program structure has been set to be completed in a period of six to nine months. While the start of the program is set, the students can finish their projects and six courses in as much as time they want, at their own pace.

In order to show it seriousness towards the whole project, the search giant has invited some fifty students to Mountain View for a three day summit by the end of 2015. The three day summit would in all its probability include a hackathon and meetings with the hiring engineers. This proves that the search giant has set plans of hiring some of the developers enrolled in the course.

In addition to all this, the search giant has also locked in a deal with the Egypt government to localise the six Android courses under nanodegree into Modern Standard Arabic. This means, for the first time in the history of Udacity, the content of the six courses would be adapted to one specific region.

The company would also provide 2000 scholarships to Egypt students and organise job fairs and sessions for them. Google considers Egypt as a great stepping stone in providing education and jobs to the students in the Arabic speaking region as it believes by providing students with alternative options, it will be able to reduce the number of wars in the area.

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