LG, in order to advertise its brand new product - 84 inches Ultra HD TV which is one of largest screen TV available in the market and clearer picture than any other brands. So in order prove this features of picture clarity LG set-up a fake scenario and made prank out of the regular people to get their reaction.

LG created a job interview room with fake window which is actually LG ultra-HD 84" TV fitted as window showing a still scene of city skyline and faking it as window to city below. In the video all job seekers walk into the room for a job interview and sit across from the fake window in front of an actor who is playing interviewer.

While the Ultra HDTV window still showing scene of city skyline, all of a sudden the screen shows a bright light starts to shine out of the top left corner of the TV and further an asteroid kind of thing approaching the city below giving a feeling of end of the earth. Thereafter the interviewees just got scared and try to run out as the dust cloud from asteroid collision approach towards window of room, which actually is just LG HDTV screen. Finally the people calm down as the see the LG logo on window realizing that it's just a screen and not a window.

LG 84 Ultra High Definition Cinema 3D SMART TV with Built in Wi-Fi is available in India for whopping price tag of Rs.17,00,000.

This advertisement or video prank become viral within few days till now got 9 million views on YouTube. Interestingly LG has also made one more prank in the past which is elevator prank in which LG created an elevator floor out of computer monitors. When someone got on the elevator, the monitors made it look like the elevator floor was collapsing underneath the person's feet.


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