Kshitij, a techno-management group from premier institute IIT Kharagpur are conducting a campaign to promote Indian culture through a new technical pathway which persuading the Android top official from Google and convince them to name the next version of android to be on an Indian beverage that is "Lassi".

Students have even wrote an informal letter to Sundar Pichai who is heading Android division of Google and luckily Sundar is of India origin and from same institute these student running campaign from and who knows if he can understand the students' logic to why name the next version of Android as "Lassi".

Notably, Google had claimed in 2012 that Android adoption rate had grown by over 500% year-on-year in developing countries like India, Brazil and others. India has highest rate of growth for Android and may be its time to honour the country by name next version of Android after its popular sweet drink - 'Lassi'.

More reasons as why should "Lassi" be the next probable name of Android, students describe as:

  • Lassi is the most popular drink in almost every part of India and holds to gain a ready-global acceptance.

  • It gives the campaign more hope that presently Mr. Sundar Pichai, alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, senior vice-president at Google, oversees Android.

Recently, Android announced its latest version as - Kit-Kat, as usually Android has knack of naming all its version after sweet dishes so far Google Android have had versions, so far 9 versions have been released, these are:

  1. Android Cupcake

  2. Android Donut

  3. Android Eclair

  4. Android Froyo

  5. Android Gingerbread

  6. Android HoneyComb

  7. Android Ice-Cream Sandwich

  8. Android Jelly Bean

  9. Android Kit-kat

Read Quote of An Informal Open Letter to Mr. Sundar Pichai on Quora

IIT Kharagpur,once ranked to be the top technical institute of Asia, and the first of all IITs in India, has always taken keen interest to promote the technical interest of the nation. We, Kshitij, hold to be the largest techno-management fest of Asia in terms of participation of over 60,000 and prize money of about INR 60 lakh.

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