Bajaj Auto Launches World's 1st CNG Motorcycle

Bajaj Auto recently launched the world's first CNG motorcycle, aptly named the Freedom 125. Its longest-in-class seat and mono-linked type suspension offers superior comfort while the Bluetooth connectivity adds convenience.

Below are some more key details about this innovative two-wheeler:

Fuel System: The Freedom 125 features both a 2-kilogram under-seat CNG tank and a 2-liter petrol tank. Riders can easily switch between petrol and CNG modes using a convenient switch.

Cost Savings: Bajaj claims that the Freedom 125 offers approximately 50% cost savings compared to similar petrol motorcycles due to reduced fuel expenses.

Range: On CNG alone, the motorcycle can cover about 213 kilometers (with a fuel efficiency of 105 km/kg). Additionally, it can travel an additional 117 kilometers on petrol (with a petrol efficiency of 65 km/l), resulting in an impressive overall range of up to 330 kilometers.

Safety: Despite concerns about CNG usage in motorcycles, Bajaj assures that safety is not compromised. The Freedom 125 has undergone 11 safety tests, including a demonstration where a truck passed over the bike while the CNG tank remained secure.

Design: Stylistically, the Freedom 125 adopts a modern-retro aesthetic with a round headlamp featuring a daytime running light (DRL). It also boasts the longest seat in its category, measuring 785 mm in length.

Pricing: The base variant with drum brakes is priced at ₹95,000, while the variant with drum brakes and LED headlamps costs ₹1.05 lakh. The top-end variant, equipped with disc brakes, is available at ₹1.10 lakh (all prices ex-showroom).

Initially, the Freedom 125 will be available in Maharashtra and Gujarat, with plans to expand to other states in subsequent quarters. Bajaj aims to attract customers from the 100cc to 125cc segment with this groundbreaking motorcycle

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