Adobe Announced Acrobat AI Assistant for Enterprise Customers

Adobe has recently introduced a significant innovation for workplace productivity with the launch of the Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise users. This new feature is a generative AI-powered conversational engine that integrates with existing Acrobat workflows. It's designed to enhance document-related productivity by allowing users to interact with their documents in a conversational manner, ask questions, and receive quick answers.

The Acrobat AI Assistant offers features like:

Generative Summary: This allows users to get a quick overview of the document's key points, which can be particularly useful for navigating large documents and extracting important information swiftly.

Conversational Interaction: Users can engage with their documents by asking questions and using the responses to craft emails, presentations, and more, helping them sound like experts in seconds.

Voice Prompts: In the mobile app, working on the go is made easier with voice prompts, enhancing the flexibility of document interaction.

It's available for individual users in English and is expected to support additional languages soon. The early-access pricing for this feature ends on June 4, 2024. This tool seems poised to transform how knowledge workers across various roles and industries manage and utilize information, streamlining processes and boosting overall efficiency.

AI for the Enterprise

Acrobat AI Assistant leverages a variety of processes, protocols and technologies so companies can deploy the features with confidence, including:
  • Streamlined AI Data Governance: Acrobat AI Assistant keeps companies in control of their information, delivering insights based on documents users provide versus insights from broad enterprise information, helping guard against other types of data being analyzed and used for unintended purposes. No Adobe customer document content is used to train the LLM Acrobat AI Assistant leverages.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Adobe supplements LLM technologies with the same artificial intelligence and machine learning models behind the award-winning Liquid Mode to provide a highly accurate understanding of document structure and content, which enhances the quality and reliability of AI Assistant’s outputs.
  • Guardrails for LLMs: When working with third-party LLMs, Adobe contractually obligates them to employ confidentiality and security protocols that match the company’s standards. Adobe specifically prohibits third parties from manually reviewing or training their LLMs on Adobe customer data.
  • Enterprise Controls: AI Assistant features admin-level granular controls, including the ability to select users/user groups for access and enable just-in-time provisioning.
  • Data Security Protocols: AI Assistant features in Reader and Acrobat are governed by data security protocols, including testing and evaluation methodologies in engineering processes and pre- and post-processing.
  • AI Ethics Testing and Reviews: Acrobat AI Assistant features go through Adobe’s responsible AI Ethics governance process and are developed and deployed in alignment with the company’s AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency.
  • Keeping Humans in the Loop: AI Assistant includes attributions in generated responses, making it simple for employees to confirm where the information came from; an in-app message reminds them to double-check the source of the answers AI Assistant provides.
  • A Shared Responsibility: The generative AI output of AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat is based largely on documents provided by users themselves. When users leverage Acrobat AI Assistant, they agree to use the features responsibly.
For more information about the steps Adobe is taking to protect enterprise customers' data, read this blog.

Pricing and Availability

Starting 8th May, early access pricing is available to enterprise customers in Reader and Acrobat on desktop, web and mobile in English, with additional languages coming soon. More prices & plans here.


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