Even as the vast majority of the world is excluded from the benefits of the legal cannabis industry despite significant legal breakthroughs in the past decades CannaDAO today announced the launch of its platform for cannabis growing and operations in a bid to disrupt, destigmatize and decentralize a trillion-dollar industry.

"The community can now disrupt, destigmatize and decentralize a trillion-dollar industry," said Eric Benz, CannaDAO Contributor and former CEO of Changelly, and serial entrepreneur. "The days of targeting stoner culture are no longer and the time to redefine what cannabis means and represents is now. The future of finance is green"
The DAO launch is slated for April 20 and will be powered by the Aurora cross-chain bridge running on the NEAR protocol. The DAO will allow the community to participate and earn rewards from real-world operations within the cannabis industry.

Contributors to the project are projecting a $100M Total Value Locked (TVL) in the next 6 to 18 months. In addition to Eric Benz, they include Jon Matonis, Founding Director at the Bitcoin Foundation, and Nicholas Gregory, CEO of CommerceBlock.

Following long struggles for cannabis rights, both in recreational and medical use,
Significant breakthroughs resulted in increased tolerance and legalization across the world, however, even in countries where the cannabis industry is legal, stringent rules, high costs make it difficult to participate in growing operations.

“The hard-fought legal battles around cannabis rights have resulted in significant breakthroughs and increased tolerance around the world,” Benz said. “But the vast majority of the world is still excluded from the benefits of the legal cannabis industry, whether consumers, growers, or businesses. CannaDAO removes the hurdles for so many who want to participate in this blooming economy while at the same time having a strong social impact.”

With a series of NFT releases as well as a P2E game, CannaFarm will launch on March 7 on Aurora. Users will be able to participate in a truly decentralized and gamified governance model. The DAO will drop on April 20 with the governance token ($CANNA) available on Ref.finance.

The governance token $CANNA plays a key role as a utility token allowing members of the CannaDAO to participate in project governance, including the proposal of new cannabis growing opportunities, voting on submitted proposals and funding approvals, and participating in grow operations harvesting yield through token staking. $CANNA will include governance utility interacting within the CannaDAO ecosystem with proposal submissions, voting mechanisms, membership with prestige levels, payment modules for cannabis-related services on and off-chain, transaction visibility, and accountability.


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