LTIMindtree and Vodafone Collab To Offer Connected and Smart IoT Solutions

LTIMindtree, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, has announced a collaboration with Vodafone, a leader in managed Internet of Things (IoT) with over 175 million connections worldwide.

This partnership aims to deliver connected and smart IoT solutions that will enable Industry X.0 and digital transformation across multiple sectors.

The collaboration will leverage LTIMindtree's Insight NXT platform (iNXT) and Vodafone’s IoT Managed Connectivity to offer advanced capabilities in AI, machine learning, predictive maintenance, digital twin, supply chain visibility, sustainability, energy management, worker safety, sensorization of assets, augmented reality, and virtual reality training.

Gemma Barsby, UK Head of IoT at Vodafone, expressed enthusiasm about supporting the real-time delivery of IoT managed services to clients, which will drive cost efficiencies and greater productivity. Monish Mishra, Chief Business Officer- iNXT at LTIMindtree, highlighted the importance of continuous innovation and connected ecosystems for growth and differentiation.

This strategic partnership is set to design highly scalable, end-to-end solutions by harnessing IoT, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, delivering secure, connected ecosystems and outcomes over Vodafone’s Managed IoT Connectivity Network.

About Industry X.0, it is the leap into the future of manufacturing, where technology not only supports operations but actively enhances and transforms them. It's a significant shift from simply automating processes to using data and analytics to drive intelligent action.


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