• The earthquake protection mechanism uses a cocktail of sensors to automatically detect the occurrence of an earthquake within a fraction of seconds
  • The mechanism activates a protective shield of reinforced canvas around the bed
  • The bed acts as a safe zone if an earthquake hits a particular region
New Delhi, September 28th, 2021: Witnessing the rising intensity of earthquakes every year and their devastating effect across the globe, Indian entrepreneur Pulkit Ahuja has invented a new mechanism for beds and similar furniture to help protect lives and mitigate the effects of this natural calamity. They would automatically act as safety zones for their users in case an earthquake hits their region.

Approximately 15,000 earthquakes have been happening worldwide every year, causing numerous deaths and injuries due to the demolition of buildings and the release of debris over living beings. The most recent one being in Haiti earthquake occurrence to a few weeks ago. The higher the magnitude of the earthquake (>6.0), the higher the risk is. Such earthquakes and their impact have been on a rise over a period of time due to continuous changes in nature, rapid construction, ageing of buildings, geological faults, among other factors. The tremors hit unsuspecting areas unpredictably irrespective of circumstances.

Earthquake Protection Bed

Earthquake Protection Bed

As per the recent patent filings, the earthquake protection mechanism uses a cocktail of sensors to automatically detect the occurrence of an earthquake within a fraction of seconds and activates a protective shield of reinforced carbon fiber canvas around the bed using a sturdy U-shaped frame attached to a pair of battery-powered sync motors which are activated by the movement sensors.

This invention makes furniture including the bed one of the safest places in the house if a calamity strikes. The residents don’t have to run out or take shelter under tables or doors as a late reaction to an earthquake to prevent themselves from any falling debris. Rather with the earthquake protection bed, they can safeguard themselves within their homes even while asleep from any damage due to debris. The bed would instantaneously form a protective shield around them.

Speaking about the invention, Pulkit Ahuja who is the founder of smart helmet startup Proxgy and author of bestselling financial fiction “Googled by God” said
This reusable and retrofit-able earthquake protection mechanism would give residents in risk-prone countries and regions a cost-effective and viable option to stay safer in case a calamity strikes. The protection against falling debris and the ability of the system to keep working even during long power cuts could help save many lives.

About Proxgy

Proxgy (Everywhere as a Service Private Limited) is headquartered in Gurugram, India. Founded in 2020, Proxgy’s vision is to enable users to experience life and interact with the World on a hitherto unthought of tangent. With a combination of Live Assisted Commerce providing Everywhere as a Service (EaaSe), Proxgy aims to let users shop, travel, recce, research, visit real estate and virtually teleport themselves to anyplace of their choice at a moment’s notice.

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