An Atmanirbhar Bharat! A statement, a dream, a vision that many Indians today envisage to achieve. From Indian organizations to Individuals, all are aspiring to make this self-reliance mantra a reality. ZEE5, India’s very own Entertainment Super-App began this journey over a year and a half ago to make it a reality wherein, it could present to the next billion Indians, a platform to create fun and entertaining content – connect with their millions of fans and stand a chance to step into the real fandom world.

Today, ZEE5’s much awaited project, is getting launched with the Beta rollout of HiPi - the short video platform, that promises to engage billions of Indians to embark on a journey from just being a FAN to achieving FANDOM! In the era of the Atmanirbhar Bharat, where users can be themselves and have fun in a brand safe, extremely creative and happy environment. HiPi is a perfect platform for content consumers, to content creators.

The platform has been envisioned and created in India for the diversely unique Indian audience after extensive research. A home to multiple features, that enables the users to showcase their talent through various unique filters and effects, also discover, follow and appreciate content that is being created by others. The unique format and technology that HiPi has integrated with its interface and navigation will allow users to create videos up to 90-seconds. A full-fledged release will be done in a phased manner with the Beta version for Android going live today, followed by the iOS version in the coming weeks.

Speaking on the momentous launch, Mr. Tarun Katial, CEO, ZEE5 India said, “The launch of HiPi is a proud moment for us as the short video platform was developed in India keeping with the ethos of Atmanirbhar Bharat. HiPi revolutionizes the entertainment experience, by giving a universally accessible platform to unmask the latent talent present inside each of us, taking us from being a Fan to Fandom! Continuing with a focus on customer centricity, HiPi will help Indians to connect with their millions of fans and stand a chance to step into the real Fandom world. A platform which will be the official Home of Entertainment and entertainers! As we go live today, HiPi takes ZEE5 one step closer to its ambition of becoming India’s Entertainment Super-App!”

Echoing these sentiments, Mr. Rajneel Kumar, Business Head - Expansion Projects and Head of Products, ZEE5 India added, “The vision for HiPi stemmed from an idea to further grow ZEE5 as a one-stop destination for the new and dynamic India. And a lot of care has been taken to build this platform to enable a creatively charged environment which simultaneously empowers the creators, users, brands and viewers alike. The framework of the platform has been created to encourage more creativity and engagement while also making sure that the security and safety of our users are never compromised. It is a platform truly made in India, made for India."

HiPi has added various security features to make sure that safety is never compromised. With the entire framework made such, it is truly set to empower India by giving the audiences a platform where their talent will get the stage and reach; and even allow brands to discover and connect with a diverse set of audiences across the length and breadth of the country.

HiPi promises to be a platform that will redefine content creation and curation. It will be a platform where every Indian will have a chance to showcase their creativity and announce their arrival in the global creative arena.

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