• Nearbuy Founder Sumeet Kapur launches Wellcure
  • Raises $200,000 from IPV
  • Funds to be used for marketing, tech development, team expansion to scale up
  • Wellcure promotes naturopathy for overcoming lifestyle related ailments
  • Aims to transform the health map of India through application of nature's laws and make natural health lifestyle an everyday experience
  • Wellcure has a user base of close to a lakh in beta stage
  • Wellcure marks 10th investment from IPV since Mar 2020

Nearbuy.com founder Sumeet Kapur announces his next venture - Wellcure. Wellcure, a health tech platform aiming to democratize natural healing, has raised $200,000 from Inflection Point Ventures (IPV). The company founded by Sumeet Kapur, Ankur Bhatia and Aanchal Kapur aims to revolutionize the future of healthtech in India. Wellcure is based on the premise that health is simple, the human body has holistic healing capacity and we just need to facilitate this natural process.

Wellcure, one of India’s fastest growing natural health communities, caters to all health and wellness needs - physical and mental, with an existing user base of close to a lakh, it aspires to reach 1 million people by the next year. With its ability to specifically cater to the needs of the customers by offering curated content along with the practical feasibility of offering recipes, e-books, online guided programs, live events etc, WellCure has been able to position itself as a market leader in the growing industry of health-tech.

Sumeet Kapur, CEO & Co-Founder, WellCure, says, “With this influx, we aim to scale our operations substantially to reach INR 5 Crore of sales in FY21 whilst doubling our subscribers base. We have been working closely with Vinay Bansal, Founder and CEO of IPV, and look forward to growing Wellcure with this association.”

Nature cure believes that lifestyle diseases, chronic illnesses, and seasonal infections are signs of acid-alkaline imbalance, increased toxins and lack of repair in the body. These causes can be removed using natural foods, nature’s elements and optimum physical activity. Highlighting the perception about diseases and the body's functioning.

Vinay Bansal, Co-founder, Inflection Point Venture- “We believe the integration between nature and technology is Wellcure’s biggest selling point, presenting its users with the most appropriate solutions. WellCure’s business vision is in line with this macro trend in the health tech sector that we have seen unfolding in India in the past few years. This prompted us to back WellCure as we believe that it could redefine the way people look at health & wellness.”

Wellcure marks 10th investment from IPV’s platform since Mar 2020.

After the global health crisis, health & wellness has gained center-stage. Boosting immunity, maintaining a healthy body, eating right, and keeping a positive mental outlook now have immense relevance in people’s lives. Nature cure provides a credible solution to this existential crisis.

About WellCure

Wellcure, a Gurgaon-based health tech startup, founded by Sumeet Kapur, Ankur Bhatia and Aanchal Kapur, is swiftly becoming India’s fastest growing natural health community which acts as a natural healing-oriented platform to maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

It operates as an online platform that brings together nature-cure enthusiasts across the globe to help share, interact, learn, heal, and inspire each other. With a team of natural health experts, it provides comprehensive knowledge, e-learning courses, e-books, self-cure tools, guided programs, access to leading nature cure professionals, and organizes events to promote and to make natural healing easily accessible to all. It essentially acts as a one-stop facility to all-natural health, lifestyle & wellness needs.

About Inflection Point Ventures

Inflection Point Ventures is India’s largest and one of the most active angel platforms in India today. Founded in 2018 by a group of accomplished CXOs who come with rich experience in the start-up ecosystem, either as co-founders themselves or by leading their organizations through various stages of funding. Their expertise lies not only in financial aspects such as private equity and venture capital but also in business strategy, expansion, and risk mitigation. IPV aims to go beyond just providing funding to startups by offering them access to customers, guidance and mentorship.


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