India’s government is working on a policy which include tough rule that will require tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook to provide source code and algorithms, said a report by Bloomberg.

The proposed rules aims to build a wall against unfair monopolistic practices and create a more competitive business environment for local businesses.

The proposed 15-page policy draft (as seen by Bloomberg), prepared by DPIIT, includes a mandate that allows government to access online companies’ source codes and algorithms, which the ministry of commerce says would help ensure against “digitally induced biases” by competitors.

The proposed draft also talks of ascertaining whether e-commerce businesses have “explainable AI,” referring to the use of artificial intelligence.

The draft further states - "There’s a tendency among some of the leading companies to exercise control over most of the information repository"

E-commerce companies will be required to make data available to the government within 72 hours, which could include information related to national security, taxation and law and order, the proposed draft said.

The report by Bloomberg states that -- for at least last two years the government of India has been working on the e-commerce policy in order to fulfill calls of local businesses/startups, wherein they wants to reduce the dominance of global tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Notably, in the previous drafts the data localization was the primary point but it got criticism for being insensitive towards local startups and businesses. Surprisingly, the new draft leaves the question -- as which e-commerce platforms would have to keep data locally -- unanswered.


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