Top newsmakers associated with the term agritech include Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, sector-experts like Mark Kahn of Omnivore

Wizikey Agritech industry report reveals that Ninjacart emerges as the buzz-maker followed by Dehaat and Jumbotail in India

A post pandemic world is truly seeing a resurgence of primary sectors and reshaping the world we live in. Agriculture’s new avatar has technology at the core of it. The Wizikey Agritech Report by Wizikey, Asia’s fastest-growing PR- SAAS Startup, highlights that Agritech gained spotlight in the after COVID-19 world. In an analysis of a million+ news articles, Agritech moved top of its charts in 2020 at 3x of buzz in May 2020 compared to March 2020 with the index for the term moving from 43 in March 2020 to 156 in May 2020. 

Factors such as locusts attack, venture funding & investments, and the economic stimulus on agriculture contributed to this sudden uptick in popularity.

Top newsmakers associated with the term agritech include Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, sector-experts like Mark Kahn of Omnivore, Suniti Gupta of Lateral Praxis and Devendra Chandani of Intello Labs.

Commenting on the report, Anshul Sushil CEO & Co-founder at Wizikey said, “Agritech is finally getting its fair share of attention and has caught eyeballs for all the right reasons - the innovation and research that is happening in India right now will change the way we all get food from farm to fork. The technology transformation in the industry will ensure direct supply and smoother distribution."

Referring to the report, Mark Kahn, Managing Partner at Omnivore, said, “At Omnivore, we believe this is the decade for agritech and for startups focused on Bharat. It’s great to see Wizikey bringing attention to our sunrise sector.”

According to the Wizikey Agritech Report, the increase in “home-grown start-ups” catapulted buzz in agritech during the pandemic. Ninjacart, India's largest tech-driven supply chain platform, created the most buzz in India followed by Dehaat and Jumbotail. With technology surrounding agriculture like drones, farm to fork, improved farm output technologies witnessing a lot of dialogues, the sector has seen remarkable growth after COVID-19. The Indian Agritech Startups have brought to solve the challenges of agriculture and food production. The companies are supporting the Agritech ecosystem in maximizing productivity, increasing supply chain efficiency, and improving market linkages. Due to the increase in the demand for such solutions in the market, sentiment towards the Agritech industry has been mostly neutral, and if on an extreme side, then positive more than negative- especially during March to May 2020.

Report Methodology

Wizikey Agritech Report was prepared by indexing all the category news chronologically and as per their average audience views. Once the top buzz-makers were identified, the volume of news made by each of them was analyzed and information was drawn on the following aspects. The report also does a comparative analysis of the before & after COVID-19 era to understand the overall sentiment of the industry. The Data Analytics Team at Wizikey identified the top trending words in the Agritech industry through Natural Language Processing(NLP) and visualized them in form of a word cloud where topics appearing larger in the word cloud are trending in the Agritech Sector. The word cloud study highlighted the change of buzzwords in the Agritech industry before and after the global outbreak.
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