In a country like India, with massive population, your loved ones, family member or even your employees have to go through a lot in their day to day errand life. Long routes with potholes, getting stuck in traffic, getting lost are some of the cringe-worthy situation anyone in hugely populated city has to go through. Moreover, inefficient scheduling of your field staffs in businesses leads to customers waiting for long hours which ultimately leads to loss of customers, something no business could afford.

A proficient tracking solution is a very effective way of keeping track of your loved ones, school kids and even employee activities in your organization. Tracking devices not only increase safety but productivity and profitability too, which is key in family and business life.

In a latest to tracking apps, an Internet of Things (IoT) based technology integrated with different GPS tracking hardware with innovative app and web based platforms is an efficient way to track anything that moves.

Founded in 2015 by Indian entrepreneur Vikram Kumar, Letstrack is one such IoT based technology company which integrate different GPS tracking hardware with innovative app and web based platforms to create unlimited use cases enabling tracking of anything that moves.

Launched in India in August 2016, Letstrack have seen a meteoric rise to become the fast growing and best GPS tracking company in India. The company has just passed 150,000 users and growing at a rapid rate.

Letstrack was initially launched in 2016 as an app to app solution for Mr Kumar to track employee productivity in another of his businesses. Owned by Vikram Kumar and James Arthur, Letstrack is certain to quickly becoming the biggest GPS vehicle security company in India.

Letstrack envisage GPS tracking devices with additional elements built in such as fuel sensors, two way microphones, temperature sensors etc. Vehicle security, fuel efficiency, fleet route productivity, personal safety are some of the solutions offered by Letstrack in India.

In April this year, Letstrack had raised angel funding of worth $1.7 million from Mr. James Arthur, who has joined as COO of the startup. Notably, in the same month an another GPS (an, GSM) vehicle tracking startup Ridlr got acquired by Ola, in an all cash and stock deal.

About The Founder, Letstrack

Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar has over 18 years experience in setting up businesses ranging from a telecom consultancy, software development and establishing national distributing at various retail chains. He is a graduate in Economics and did his MBA from Punjab Technical University.

Vikram has a large input in the day to day running to his existing companies Prima Business Solutions - a software and web designing company and Mpay Global - a web based retailer portal covering whole of the UK. Before this he was responsible for the set up of Lebara Mobile in the UK.

On Letstrack, Vikram Kumar, CEO & founder of the startup, said in a statement to, "There are hundreds of small regional companies offering good tracking solutions to businesses. With a software company at our core, we are in the powerful position of being able to continuously grow above and beyond the needs of our ever expanding user base."

"Tracking has not been seen in the best light in the past. We are breaking down those barriers and making over 250 different types of solutions available to the mass market of consumers and businesses alike," he said confidently.

GPS Tracking Solutions by Letstrack

Letstrack offers its solutions to both channels of B2B and B2C. The IoT startup had also tied up with United Facilities to provide security solutions to employees of the company. BMW employees also have Letstrack tracking devices enabled in the cabs they’re using, claims the startup.

Letstrack has also tied up with Anything Skool, an initiative of Liberty Innovation Outfits Limited covering more than 500 schools for One Stop Safety and Security Solutions. Also, partnered with SMILE Foundation, it aims to fund at least 1 lakhs days of education to under privileged children. Letstrack claims to have become the fastest downloaded app in the tracking space. Currently Letstrack is operational in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Bangalore
and 40 more regional cities in India.

According to Vikram Kumar, the startup has its sights clearly set on becoming the largest vehicle security company in the world. Alongside launching in an expected 50 countries in the next 2 years, Letstrack will be launching complementary products to its range to enable the startup evolve from connecting cars and people to connecting homes and energy.


In India, Letstrack faces competition from MapMyIndia, TrakNTell, Roadcast, Autosense, HyperTrack and CaRPM. While Trak N Tell is focussed on personal car safety solution and is backed by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, Autosense is a startup which provides technology and analytics-based customer management solutions was part of a $11 Mn investment made by TVS Automobiles.

Future Plans

After launching in India in 2016, with 5 employees, Letstrack now has over 120 employees that enabled it to quickly expand into over 500 cities. The startup is now launched in Sri Lanka and will be launching in the US by the end of this year.

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