Dispatching Software is designed to automate routing and scheduling processes and provide a simpler and efficient route to complete the task. Dispatching Software can be customized in scheduling future appointments.

Dispatching software is digital solutions that allow organizations to complete the tedious jobs like tracking of fleets in transit, tracking of equipment locations, determination of sufficient inventory and assigning tasks among the employees. Dispatching Software has been designed to help improve the efficiency of the organization and help in taking quicker decisions.

A Dispatching Software allows organizations to oversee their operations from the shipping sector to the airlines sector and more.

Features of Dispatch Software

Convenient Communication

The Dispatch software helps in conveniently setting up a communication channel between the dispatcher and drivers. It allows them to share key information on-the-go. It allows the drivers to conveniently share information about travel routes, shipment alerts, assignment details, and much more.

GPS Tracking and Mapping

GPS Tracking helps in predicting traffic situations and assists in selecting the route in an efficient manner. The GPS tracking and mapping feature provide the organization with real-time access to the traffic conditions, which makes it easier for the organization to adapt and select the best routes. It also provides a real-time update of every driver and helps the organization track how fast their drivers are moving.

Automated Scheduling

Dispatching software provides organizations the ability to handle tasks in an efficient manner. The software automates the tasks that require manual labor to increase efficiency. It either partially or fully automates tasks such as scheduling, assigning tasks to drivers and tools to help them make informed decisions. As employees spend less time scheduling and administrative tasks, it allows them to concentrate on other strategic tasks.

Advantages of Dispatch Software

Management of Transportation

Dispatching software helps in managing every aspect of the transportation process. It helps in tracking locations and status of the job completed with interactive maps and GPS, giving dispatchers complete information on the whereabouts of their drivers and the tasks completed. The software helps in providing optimized routes to help increase efficiency and helps the organization to provide consistent quality service.

Quick Response

A trucking driver could face several issues while on the road. There are thousands of things that could go wrong while being on the road. The dispatching software can help reduce the issues faced by the drivers as the real-time data provided by the software about the location of the driver helps in resolving the issue quickly.


The dispatching software offers flexibility to simplify their dispatch management, as it gets complicated as the organization starts growing size. The software can be personalized to meet the unique needs of the business organization.

Dashboard Camera

In the trucking industry, more and more truck drivers are installing multi-facing dashboard cameras (road-facing and driver-facing dash cams) because of the numerous benefits they offer. The ability to rewind and analyze a high-speed critical safety event is probably the biggest benefit for truckers.

A few other ways where a trucker dash cam can be a beneficial investment:

Lower Insurance Rates

Installing a dashcam is a sure-fire way to give the impression that you are a safe driver to the vehicle insurance provider. They generally offer some discount on the insurance premiums if they see a dashcam installed. They may, however, like to leverage this technology to access the dashcam data (location, miles driven, etc.) for their own research.

Reducing False Claims

According to a study, passenger vehicles are at fault for the majority of road accidents. Still, in the case of an accident, truckers are also required to be in court and legal fees for them as well as time away from work is financially draining. Trucker dash cams allow you to rewatch any accidents and debunk false claims.

Speed Up Insurance Claims

Dashcams have the potential to change the way insurance companies deal with insurance claims in the trucking industry. With more evidence, insurance companies will better understand the context and settle claims faster.

For example, if all truckers as a practice begin using dashcams actively, in case of an accident the insurance companies will have two points of view before the accident. This will help them understand the context better and find out that it was actually a traffic light malfunction and not the driver’s fault.

Mobile Surveillance

Truck drivers who take on multi-day deliveries often need to stop over a resting spot after driving their permissible Hour of Service for the day or a night’s sleep. While they may choose to sleep in a motel room, drivers are under constant fear about the well-being of their truck. They are constantly fearful of someone breaking into the cab or its cargo hold.

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