Earlier this week, a fast-growing India-born social network, STICHIO, got selected by Facebook to get incubated in its coveted FBStart program. As a part of this program, STICHIO would receive benefits worth US$40000 and avail opportunity to work with Facebook's product and technology team in the US. Founded by 4 IITians and BITSian, STICHIO is built around a unique premise where users express themselves through DARES or challenges.

Indians embracing digital is not new! But won’t you be surprised that today, more than 20 crore individuals are posting self-created “videos” of themselves on social media!? These people are also posting a lot more content on social media now than ever before. Still, selfies and smash videos seem to be the only possible ways to express digitally. But do you really have any other options? Is there a magic wand that can give you a heap of cool ways to express yourself?

Founded in 2016 by Vivek Aalok, Swagatika Das, Ashish Chawla and Rajan Bhuyan, STICHIO is based out of Kukatpally, Hyderabad. It's a first-of-its-kind social network that offers you a large assortment of readily available ideas in the form of DARES or challenges. These challenges can range from fun, talent, fitness and puzzles to totally outrageous ones.

Struggle for ideas is now over for good, as STICHIO keeps feeding you ideas to express yourself differently. To give you a glimpse, "write a funny song on karela”, "show your talent by acting like a potato in a pressure cooker”, "perform 30 back-to-back pushups" and if you are still keen on selfies, you'd find over 5,000 unique selfie ideas. Now imagine being able to give these DARES to your friends. Ain't that the coolest way ever to interact with your friends compared to just liking/commenting/messaging?

Launched in May, STICHIO's Android app is designed exclusively for “desi” junta. The app has already made significant strides and alongwith the website, it has more than 100,000 unique people on it. Within this short span, STICHIO's fresh and innovative ideas have been super popular and highly sought after by users. Watching these DARES is guaranteed to tempt you to jump in yourself!

STICHIO eyes at making DARES an everyday thing - so much so that you ask yourself, “DARE kiya kya aaj?”

STICHIO is 7th startup this year to be selected by Facebook's FbStart program. Prior to this, B2B Enterprise SaaS Application Toolyt SFA in April, Applop in March, Edtech Startup Edurev in February and Togedr in January, among others were selected by Facebook under its FbStart programme.

FbStart is Facebook's global program designed to help mobile app developers build and grow their business.

As per news agency IANS, India is the largest market for FbStart outside of the US. According to Satyajeet Singh, who
leads product partnerships for Facebook, over 75% of top-grossing apps in India get integrated with Facebook.

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