GoGaga, a Bangalore-based start-up and a new age relationship app which connects users to trustworthy individuals through friends, has been selected for the Facebook Start (FbStart) program. GoGaga was launched in 2018 and is a mobile-only app with its Android and iOS.

FbStart is a program built by Facebook to help mobile startups succeed. They offer these startups free tools and services once accepted, that helps the brand build and grow its mobile app. Plus, the brand gets year round mentorship from the Facebook team and be able to connect with an exclusive community of global startups. FbStart has paved digital ways for fresh opportunities to connect directly with the Facebook team and access to an exclusive community of global startups.

Go Gaga is a new age relationship app, focused on relationships, which allows its users to connect to their potential matches using network of their friends, making even their friends as key stakeholders. The app claims to solves the biggest challenge of the dating industry, that is, the trust factor. It resembles the real-world scenario where people meet through common connections.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS phones in India, Europe, Mexico, Russia and 18 other countries.

And now, GoGaga has been accepted into the Bootstrap track of FbStart Program because of the impressive development so far and the potential for continued growth.

With the Bootstrap track, GoGaga developers have become eligible to receive up to $40,000 in free tools and services from Facebook and dozens of partners — including Amazon, UserTesting, NameCheap, Animoto, Zendesk and AngelList, among others. As a member of the Bootstrap track, GoGaga will be adding more user-friendly features in its Android and iOS App to benefit its huge customer base across India and globally.

With this, we would also like to proudly announce the two recent updates on our portal: (a) launch of Wingman / Matchmaker feature on Android that will allow committed users to connect their single friends and join the fun of matchmaking, and (b) launch of GoGaga on Apple’s App store for our iPhone user.

“We feel delighted and proud to be a part of the Bootstrap track of Facebook Start Program. With the help of this platform, our mobile app would become more user-friendly coupled with various unique features thereby making dating trustworthy, fun, safe and relevant for users than ever before,” said Neha Kanodia, Co-founder, GoGaga.

Recently, GoGaga has added many more exciting features to its mobile app. GoGaga helps users to find trustworthy and relevant matches through their friends via a two-layer authentication system. Users first like a profile and request their friends to make an introduction. If the mutual friend vets the connection, the two connected individuals can start a conversation. This two-layer authentication ensures trust and with the mutual friend vouching for the connection, adds an interesting fun aspect to dating.

GoGaga is a digital equivalent of traditional matchmaking where friends and common connections introduce two singles looking out for prospects. It imitates the way couples meet at schools, universities, workplace, friend’s parties, interest groups, travel, clubs, among others, ensuring high-level trust and extreme relevance. The concept resonates well with the classical Indian matchmaking, in the way 7 out of 10 couples meet offline in India.

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