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Touchkin, the Bangalore-based mobile healthcare startup, has raised $400,000 in seed funding from a clutch of angel investors. The funding came from investors, including Alok Mittal (ex-Canaan Partners), Amit Gupta (co founder, InMobi), Anuj Srivastava (ex Google, CEO and co founder Livspace), Himanshu Aggarwal (CEO, Aspiring Minds), Raghunandan G (co founder TaxiForSure) and Puneet Agarwal (ex Google, co founder Moneyview).

"Mobile healthcare is a $46 billion opportunity,” said Jo Aggarwal, Co-founder of Touchkin. “Soon, your phone will sense if you are depressed or ill, and proactively get you help. The sensor technology needed for this is already in your hands, and in 2 billion smartphones globally. Our platform uses passive data from smartphone sensors to create a picture of a person’s well being and identify potential health issues. This is very powerful, because unlike most mobile health apps, it doesn’t require any change in user behavior."

Aggarwal and her co-founder, Ramakant Vempati, left senior roles at Pearson and Goldman Sachs in the UK and moved to Bangalore to start Touchkin. Vempati added, “In finance, credit card companies look for changes in spending patterns to predict if a transaction may be fraudulent. Touchkin is based on a similar principle – behaviourial analytics of phone activity can predict a potential health issue. This can alert families or doctors, and deliver help in time to those who need it.”

Touchkin plans to apply this technology to support healthcare systems, community health and families across the world. Its free app, StayClose, shows families how their loved ones are, and triggers alerts if their activity levels drop drastically. The enterprise solution focuses on chronic illness and mental health, to help care providers improve outcomes by letting them know which of their patients may need follow up.

Anuj Srivastava, an active angel and founder of Livspace, was one of the first investors in Touchkin. He said, “Touchkin is applying machine learning to healthcare in a unique and potentially disruptive manner. It is exciting to see companies like this building innovative products for the global market, starting in India."

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