These days you can buy almost anything online from stationary to your furniture, so why to stop at just that. Here we have Mr. K S Bhatia who took the e-commerce platform to the next level. The Chandigarh-based startup Pumpkart and as the name suggests is in the business of selling all kinds of pumps online. With this venture, Mr. Bhatia has revolutionised the industry.

Notably, Pumpkart is India's largest online megastore for agricultural and domestic pumps.

This innovative e-commerce website got Google CEO Sundar Pichai praise recently during the Digital India Submit in Sillicon Valley. Google India has selected Pumpkart.com as a Regional SME Hero from 25 SMEs national finalists.

The startup has tied up with the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Govt. of India, to deliver high quality water pumps at cost effective prices to the farmers and others remotely through a wide extended CSCs network. It is also coming up with O2O offline stores very soon with the opening of first one within this month in Chandigarh.


Pumpkart.com was launched by K S Bhatia in June 2014. It was launched with the mission of making the Indian water pump industry more organized and structured. Having had an experience of over 18 years in the same industry, Mr. Bhatia knew the full potential of a venture like this. He was fully aware that this was an untouched territory which could be taken advantage of.  Like any other e-commerce website they cater to the needs of their customers which in this case happens to be pumps. They don't just deliver products but they also provide free installation services along with technical support.

This entire idea was not just his doing, credits must go to his son as well. This whole thing started when his 14-year-old son, who is quite the techie gifted his father the domain name.



A chemical engineer by background, he worked with few manufacturing companies before he struck oil in the form of Pumpkart. He has worked in this industry for almost 18 years and has a lot of experience in this field. He is a portfolio entrepreneur who holds more than one business to reform the Indian water management solutions industry.


Pumpkart is a one of its kind company that caters to this sector, this itself sets it apart from the rest.  They do have some other features that lure customers to Pumpkart rather than going through a plumber or going through the hassle of going through the local shop.

  • They provide free installation in rural and urban areas.

  • They have a lot of variety, from small house pumps to agricultural pumps, you name it and it will be there.

  • They have a well-informed support staff on board that help out the customers in making the right choice based on their needs.

  • They also offer EMI options to ensure easy availability of products to farmers


This sector has been quite unorganized and is mostly dominated by individual manufacturers and retailers. With the launch of Pumpkart in 2014, it aims to bring stability to the sector. There is no other player in the market that can match up to Pumpkart in this field. In a short span of time, they have managed to make associations with 100 plus brands and more than 500 total vendors, including dealers and distributors. Being the first in this field, this does give them an edge over any future players as well.


They are currently in talks with a number of investors right now regarding the same. Currently, Pumpkart is boostrapped and running on personal money of the founder.


They journey of Pumpkart till now has been extremely good and they have been showered with awards for doing so well.

  • It was named in list of the top 20 E-Retailers 2014 in India Award from Times of India

  • Google India has selected Pumpkart.com as a Regional SME Hero from 25 SMEs national finalists.

They are based out of Chandigarh and have a team of experts handling their different departments like technical support, online promotions, customer support, logistics and business development. In the last one year, the company has really grown with over 10,000 happy customers so far, generating a revenue of over 60-65 lakhs per month. They seem to be doing really well.


They have plans to open their very own stores in various cities across the nation starting with Chandigarh this Jan. This is their O2O (online to offline commerce) strategy to increase their customer base. They plan to open 100 display stores in next four years with service centres by the name of www.repairingindia.com.

Apart from this, they are also planning to launch an app soon to provide a better experience to their users.

They are also focusing on CSCs and VLEs to cater rural customers online and deliver products and services at their door for free. They have made deals with the e-Governance Services Limited, an initiative of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeiTY) under the IT ministry of India. This has been done to extend their reach to the rural markets which are a huge target market. This association will help them deliver water pumps through Common Service Centers (CSC), a kiosk with a computer and internet accessibility nationwide.

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