In the last decade our software industry has seen a lot of changes and the biggest one was the introduction of Saas and cloud computing. Saas stands for Software as a service. If broken down and explained in layman's terms it means providing access to software on a monthly basis, hence reducing your cost to usage rather than buying the license to the software. This change in how things run is something you can't run away from, in the end you have to give in. Today almost everyone is using cloud for storing of files and information as opposed to storing it on their laptops like earlier. For the younger generation, this change has been much easier, but for those who are not that tech savvy, it hasn't been a smooth transition. But in the end almost everyone has gotten there.

These new founded services work on a model where payments are to made on a monthly basis, and the upfront cost is pretty less or sometimes even nothing at all. A very good example of this is our cell phone services, all of us are in a habit of paying our bills or getting recharge packs on a monthly basis. Now a days we have cell phones and services as a package deal, so the phones in a way have become cheaper. This model has been very gladly adopted by the Saas industry.

Now coming to the point, the HaaS or the 'Home Automation As A Service' sector is a very new things in today's world. It is still in its nascent stages. What it actually means is having a centralized device to control you basic home functions like security, AC and various other appliances. This sector was born of the home security niche and was taken to a much bigger level. This is heavily based on intelligent machine capable of being controlled remotely. We have some giants working on this field and coming up with such technology.

The question here is that whether the revenue model followed by Saas will be applicable here and if yes will it survive and sustain. This would mean you would just have to pay an installation cost and then a monthly fee to get your house automated, much like our set up boxes. Their maintenance, up gradation etc is all taken care of for a convenient monthly fee. This is something that we can know only when such systems come to the mainstream market rather than catering to the few.

But just like SaaS, HAaaS has some strong advantages. Someone installs the system for you, maintains it, upgrades it, and adds the latest devices you may want. The systems are primarily controlled from cell phones and tablets, and you can personally arm and monitor them from wherever you are - or still have a monitoring service.

In global market, Comcast, Time Warner, and AT&T, among others, have all already caught the bug of HAaS and are selling HAaaS solutions. In India, HA startups are rising at pretty good pace however most of them are very nascent stage and will take time of atleast a couple of years to strengthen the roots.

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