Have you been nurturing a dream of becoming a world famous published author but the only thing holding you back is the lack of knowledge about the whole publishing process or as we say in our language the whole 'tanta-shanta' involved in the process? Well, worry no more because your childhood dream of having your book on Amazon. com next to your favorite author's book is all set to come true.

How, you may ask. Well, the answer is a-year-old Chandigarh based publishing startup called White Falcon Publishing.

This one year old startup has built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand self publishing platform for publishing books. The platform is appropriately named Self-Publish.

Print on Demand (POD), as the name suggests, is about printing things only when there is a demand; instead of keeping an inventory.

The platform aims to assist newbie authors in publishing their books for global distribution online. The startup has collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse Print-On-Demand providers and book distributor. It is through its this demographically diverse network that the startup is able to make its customers books available for sale in various countries like Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada etc.

Author is provided an account on the print-on-demand platform (, where he/she can monitor the book sales and royalties accumulated.

What makes the startup different from others in the market is the fact that they aim to provide its author customers with the best of services at the best of price available in the market. It makes available a wide range of plans for the customer to choose from and even allows them to custom design it in cases they don't need a particular feature of a already available plan.

The startup has achieved the feat of publishing more than 110 titles in less than a year since its establishment.

The brains behind the self-funded startup is a Symbiosis, Pune educated Navsangeet Kaur. She has earlier worked as a Senior Associate in the Procurement & Contracting Department of 4G team at Reliance Industries, Mumbai, India.

The startup's Print-on-Demand Self Publishing Platform is a brand new model for book publishing. In this model, the author also doubles up as the publisher of the book. He/she can avail various professional services for making the manuscript print-ready. Once the work is published through the platform, the books are listed on online channels for sale worldwide. Books are then printed as and when the orders are placed on these channels . Hence, neither the author nor the publisher has to take a big risk by making a big investment in bulk printing of books. Books published through the POD platform of White Falcon Publishing never go out-of-print and have higher royalty.

The platform also provides the authors the facility to view live sales/royalty reports through the POD platform, hence giving them a complete transparency about the whole process. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your pens and put on your thinking caps right away.

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