It been over a year when we featured a promising Chandigarh-based startup, Stay On Skill, that allows people with skills to travel the world and get free homestay, in exchange of helping their host learn a skill they are gootd at.

In the last one year, the startup has helped numerous commercial properties across India in different aspects and during this period the founders realized that hotels and homestays in India are mushrooming like never before and this in turn has created a visibility problem for such properties where not every plausible customer knows about the existence of them.

In the city of Ooty itself there are more than 2000 hotels (and these are just the ones that are listed online). Across India, more than 1,75,000 properties are taking online bookings. Amid all of this, the problem is - how do you make people know that you exist. Listing on platforms like Airbnb or Booking doesn't ensure you visibility or bookings. If your property shows up on the second page of airbnb, you might as well forget that prospective customers will get to know about it. One good way to stand out from the crowd is to create a brand for yourself digitally - through social media, blogging, and video creation.

Unfortunately, not all homestays or hotels are aware of to how to go about it. Additionally, an analysis by Sat on Skill show that many of homestays in the past have been cheated by fake bloggers and instagram influencers, who either don't have authentic following or high traffic.

Stay On Skill, thus decided to launch India's first Marketing Accelerator for hotels and homestays to make these things transparent for properties and provide them some real value, by bringing to them real, verified, tested and authentic influencers.

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The idea behind the accelerator is to help the deserving properties get the visibility they require, and the complete 3 months program is designed around that. The second aspect of the accelerator is to help the properties learn how to make more revenue through digital marketing and how to perform well on booking portals like airbnb. For this we have special masterclasses designed by experts, and office hours, where in the properties tell us about the specific challenges that they are facing and our expertise can benefit them.

Stay On Skill is expecting over 100 properties to apply for its first batch. The applications are open only till 31st August.

Interested properties can apply here -

Benefits for Hotels & Homestays

Besides gaining visibility, which the company claims to be minimum of 1.2 Million in 3 months, through the accelerator program, hotels & homestays will get access to star influencers who have the ability to make their property viral.

The participants will also get access to Masterclasses on different aspects of Social Media, Digital Marketing, Web Booking, so that after the accelerator they can take forward the learnings and start executing it themselves.

The properties may also able to Build a brand value, as when some good influencers get associated with your property, it creates a great brand value for you, which most properties don't know how to capitalize on it, says Arjun Tuli, founder of Stay On Skill. "Increase in brand value and visibility lead to increase in revenue," Arjun added.

[caption id="attachment_125760" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Influencer Community of Stay On Skill community Accelerator Influencer Community of Stay On Skill and The Accelerator[/caption]

Selection Criteria

The accelerator program is looking for boutique hotels and homestays who are looking to stand out from the crowd. To select a property, the company will analyse it's uniqueness factor based on the following parameters -

  1. Stay and lodging

  2. Location

  3. Culture

  4. Food

  5. Experience

This particular batch of the Stay On Skill accelerator is Not For Profit . All that we'll be receiving from the properties will go towards payment of the bloggers, influencers, graphic designers and social media experts - we won't be making a profit of a single penny from it. The idea behind it is to provide the accelerator as a medium to share our knowledge and expertise with the properties and help them benefit from it. If we are able to make it happen at a small scale for 10 properties, next time around we'll try to make an effort to reach a wider audience and help more properties benefit from it, told Arjun, founder at Stay On Skill.

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