For all the avid readers of IndianWeb2, Internet of Things or IoT as we call it, is not a new thing. Throughout the year, we have tried our level best to keep our readers updated about each and every new invention or happening on the IoT front and 2016 would be no different. How do we know it you would ask, Well, we spoke to some of the industry experts and this is what they predicted for the IoT sector for the New Year.

1) IoT would be everywhere -

According to Industry experts, IoT has the potential to become as important as electricity in the coming twelve months. Data through fibre will soon become equivalent to electricity through copper as nowadays we heavily rely on data networks in our daily lives. Hence, there's a need for these networks to be highly economic, efficient and accurate. In 2016, we can expect the IoT inventors to shift their focus from IoT products to the value of their ongoing service, and use data to meet the service expectations of the customers.

2) IPv6 -

For the unaware, the IPv6 is the the next-gen internet protocol. It is expected to take off with the IoT in the year 2016. If this is actually made possible, this would mean IoT devices would then be capable of incorporating end-to-end communications. Further, it would also give them the opportunity to become more versatile and flexible in the way they're currently being used. The IoT would be even more deeply integrated if IPv6 becomes a reality in 2016. IPv6 could also give birth to a whole new level of possibility for everything from smart cars to smart cars and much beyond. Here's keeping the fingers crossed.

3) Wearables and business solutions will keep the motor running for IoT -

Wearable devices will prove to be highly beneficial for the immediate growth of the IoT. In fact, they're currently quite popular with the users because of their real time benefits.

While the extremely tech-savvy Generation Z would take care of the consumer interest in IoT, business solutions are expected to don the main hat in the next year as companies would be looking to gain the competitive edge being offered by these new technologies in town.

4) Security and IoT-

According to various industry experts, security will remain on the top of the list of considerations for the IoT in the New Year. With the IoT connecting more and more devices and reaching reaching more and more audiences, businesses nowadays are at a much greater risk of facing a data security attack. Hence, the data protection process is in deep need to become even more challenging.

5) Virtual Reality -

Industry experts are hoping that Virtual reality will finally be able to deliver its promise in the year 2016. With the Oculus Rift finally being released next year, their hope is surely going to turn into reality. Besides this, there are other options like the value-end Google Cardboard, and reasonably priced Samsung Gear VR, that makes use of the features of the smartphone to deliver Virtual reality to the market. In 2016, businesses can be expected to understand the importance of Virtual reality to their business on a larger scale.

6) Drone Technology will improve -

Drone was surely one of the buzz words this year in India. 2016 can be expected to be the year in which the sensor technology finally comes of age and makes drones more efficient and equipped to detect and avoid objects while flying safely within close proximity of structures. This would help drones in getting a greater acceptance in society as a whole, which in turn would end up helping both small and big businesses. E-Commerce retailers like Amazon have been wanting to deliver their products through drones from quite a time now.

7) IoT and customer experience -

2015 saw the marketers realising the huge potential of IoT in enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. It also helped them in engaging with the customers in new, innovative and out-of-the-box ways. Through customer-facing connected products and services, the marketers are now able to gain useful insights from the massive amounts of data and new analytics technologies which finally enables them to make strategic business decisions.

8) M2M Strategies -

The year 2016 could see a large number of organisations waking up and finally realising the huge potential that M2M communications holds. They would also become certain of the fact that M2M not only automates internal business processes, but also drives new customer experiences.

9) Extra focus on healthcare security -

Though the digitisation of healthcare and the growth of IoT in the public sector has resulted in hospitals becoming more and more connected, they're also on one some level becoming more and more at risk. Hence, in 2016, it is important that security is on the forefront and encryption is being used for healthy future of the nation.

10) LPWAN will not go mainstream -

While we accept LPWAN technologies have a huge potential for IoT, but we will have to also accept that the technology still in its early stage. Hence, the technology will most probably not see the light of the day in the year 2016. Instead, the New Year can be expected to be an year of LPWAN consolidation, marketing wars and partnerships in order to test which technology will finally turn out be victorious.

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