With just a few days left before we bid adieu to the year 2015, we at decided to give our readers a quick recap of six major technological changes that have shaped our lives over the years.

Undisputedly, the three major upcoming superstars of the technological world are
Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing. These powerful three have the potential to drive Internet development in years to come.

The digital revolution has changed the way we work, talk, live and do business. Here's listing the six major technological changes.

1) Mobile Internet -


With the world wide web now accessible within the palm of our hands, all thanks to smartphones and tablets, we are now connected with the world 24x7.

According to IDC, this mobile internet craze is only going to get bigger and better with the new year. According to its forecast, about two billion people, which is two-thirds of total online population, is expected to use mobile devices to access the Internet in the year 2016. Further, this market is expected to grow at a rate of two percent each year through the year 2020.

2) Driverless Cars -


Though the technology is still in its initial stages but this one holds big potential in the future. Various tech giants like Google and Samsung etc. have already assessed the grandeur of this concept and its potential success as they have started their testing the technology within their own potential. While Google has already been testing a driverless car on the road, Samsung has recently announced that it is establishing a new business group with an objective to research driverless technologies.

Baidu, China's largest search engine recently successful conducted a fully autonomous road test with a modified BMW 3 Series.

3) E-commerce -


Online shopping became bigger in the year 2015 and it is expected to become even more bigger in the year 2016. With everything now accessible within a click of a button, the ecommerce boom is here to stay. What the industry will have in store for us in the new year, will be an interesting thing to wait and watch.

4) Education without classrooms -


The online world has transformed the way in which education is taught and received all around the world. Now, a student sitting in a remote village in India can be taught by a teacher living in Amsterdam. E-learning is a boon of the 21st century that is surely going to change the world as we know it today.

5) Internet Finance the small businesses -


The development of Internet technologies has resulted in more and more online businesses entering the finance sector, by offering services like crowd-funding, peer-to-peer lending, microfinance, and wealth management for SMBs.

Although the Internet finance world hasn't been able to shake the foundation of the traditional banking system yet, it is still considered as a sector with huge future potential. While opinions are still divided on whether the sector is a boon or a bane, it for sure somehow encourages individuals to start businesses from scratch, or go for mass entrepreneurship.

6) Cybersecurity -


While the good is on the rise, the bad isn't far behind. There's not doubt that the Internet market is flourishing like never before, but so are the security concerns arising because of it. Hacks, breaches, and information leaks have become regulars in our dictionary with some or the other cyber security crime occurring in some part of the world almost every minute.

In order to curb this cyber security concern, the world as a whole will need to take charge of the situation.

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