Digitization has revolutionized every sphere of human lives and the way of doing a business. This technology has proved to be a boon for artists either an ordinary one or the one with extra talent. By using internet, everyone can sell artwork easily online directly to the clients and companies across the border.

This is an era of the revival of the Indian art market as the demand of Indian artists is growing globally and in all this online marketplaces, art startups and entrepreneurs are playing key role.  Most important point to consider is that digitization and online marketplaces are playing a key role in the promotion of art work and startups because online technology offers convenience and flexibility especially for all those startups that have creativity but lacks funds.

Booming Industry

As the art industry is a conventional segment, it is little difficult to study its actual size and scope. Although, in the past couple of years, the interest toward artwork has risen dramatically as a result the industry has witnessed a growing demand for skilled artists or startups within this segment. According to available records this industry was Rs. 50 crore a decade ago but the augmented demand has increased the size of market tremendously recently.

The Arts Trust, a leading organization in the Indian Art Market analysis segment reveals that the total worth of the Indian art market is between Rs 1000-1200 crore and more interesting fact is that 99 percent of this amount is comprised of paintings only. The industry growth is fueled by the eCommerce as it offers a bunch of fabulous resources for startups/artists to showcase their work hassle free. The size of global art market was $2.6 billion in 2014; it is forecasted to reach $6.3 billion by 2019. Some national and international auction houses including Saffronart, Pundole and many others are continuously conducting online and live auctions of modern and contemporary Indian find art and contributing to strengthen the market position at world level.

Online resources to sell art work online

In the digital age, e-commerce has revolutionized almost every industry and has now extended into the world of art. You do come across various online platforms to market your art work. These online places are making the buying and selling of art work easier. Some startups including  Artist Rising, Art Fire, Indiaart, Mojarto, Cupick, PosterGully, PaintCollar and many others have a good market reputation and already recognized worldwide. All these art startups are different from each other but allows artists, galleries, sellers and dealers to come together on a single platform to change the way of buying and selling art practices in India. They are very simple to use and you can make most of these platforms all along promoting your artwork in your own way. It’s completely your choice how you want to use these resources for promoting and selling your artwork. However be selective about a platform as at some platforms, you can sell your masterpiece to masses while some others connect you to real art lovers from across the world.  It will be a win-win situation if you start selling your art pieces online to masses at Ebay (www.ebay.com), Amazon (amazon.com) etc.

Scope for Art-based Startup in India

The demand for art work is growing majorly from corporate, retail, design and real estate industries. With the growth of these industries the scope for art startups has been also grown automatically. However there have been a few challenges too that are making roads little tough for startups to grown fast. Many individual initiatives and above mentioned online platform presents a positive environment to sell and buy art work in the Indian as well as in international market. One of the key challenges that artists face is the violation of copyright as it’s very difficult to monitor every artwork.  Cupick. an online platform claims that it treats this issue very seriously and has established a mechanism to capture offender. The company was launched by Shaishav Todi in September 2014 and had raised funding in several rounds.

Some Key Ideas to boost Your Art Startup

There are abundant ideas for promoting art work. The ideas shared here must help you to add value to your startup.

Creating Website

The primary factor is establishing a genuine website because every art lover would love to know more about you and your work. It will also give you long term benefits by creating reputation and customers’ engagement.

Branding Creatively

Being an artist startup, you must be creative enough to show your artwork attractively to the world. Use a unique way to introduce your artwork so that you can stand out in the crowd. Your presentation style will provide you recognition in the marketplace. In fact it will encourage your spirit of art and creativity to become an entrepreneur.

Join World Recognized Artists communities

There are a number of online communities which are providing worldwide reach to the artists. You can create your online galleries easily with these platforms to exhibit and selling your artwork free of cost or at very nominal cost.

Displaying Artwork Offline

Because of auction houses efforts, artwork’s auctions have experienced fast growth. Auction sales accounted 61% of total art a market share in 2015. So, don’t leave any opportunity to showcase your startup.

Start Freelancing as an Artist

Last but not least, start working as a freelancer for different platforms. There are a number of platforms that offer you additional ways of making money as an art startup.

In conclusion, all the ongoing initiatives are giving a boost the Indian art industry but there is lot more to do to promote Indian art globally. This segment can be connected directly to tourism and other segments through some innovative ideas to make it recognizable globally.

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