With increasing population and urbanization, the environment has become the major concern as its condition is degrading at a rapid pace. People careless act towards the environment has led our mother Earth to bleed in pollution causing her to lose the green for which she was known for.

But this scenario seems to change as entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative ideas to protect our mother Earth. From recycling of floral waste, manufacturing of herbal clothes to providing solar energy in the household, these entrepreneurs have found the alternative to protect nature with help of their skill-set and churning this opportunity into money.On this Environment Day, We at IndianWeb2 brought to our readers of the most amazing startup of our Indian entrepreneurs who are working towards the betterment of the climate.

On this Environment Day, We at IndianWeb2 brought to our readers of the most amazing startup of our Indian entrepreneurs who are working towards the betterment of the environment.

So let's celebrate Environment Day with these 10 amazing startups:


Preserving River Ganges By Flowercycling

Founded in 2015 by Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi, HelpUsGreen is a social enterprise based in Kanpur, on a mission to save the Ganges. With the help of their startup, the duo is preserving river Ganges from becoming a religious sewer by flower-cycling. They collect floral waste from the temples and mosques in Uttar Pradesh and recycle it into patented lifestyle products providing livelihoods to 1200 rural families. The waste is handcrafted by rural women Self-help groups into patented organic fertilizer and incense sticks. According to their website, they have collected 3,35,000 kilograms of flowers from the temples and mosques and flowercycled® into organic products.

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Till date, they have prevented 997 kilograms of poisonous arsenic, lead and cadmium from the harmful farm-runoff, toxic pesticides and insecticides used to grow flowers from getting into the river Ganges. Further, they have helped 1219 rural women to earn their living and fighting the societal dogmas. Duo with the help of their startup is helping in keeping river Ganges clean and inspiring others to contribute in this deed.

Graviky Labs

Turning Pollution into Ink

Graviky Labs is one of the few carbon capturing startups in the world and only such startup in India. It is taking stock of the growing pollution situation in the country by creating paint and ink from pollution itself. The startup has built a contraption that gets connected to the exhaust on the tail pipe of a vehicle, and once it is done collecting the raw carbon, the soot, it take it through a purification process which successfully converts that air pollution into printing ink. The same procedure can be done using chimneys or boats to collect effluence and then convert that into ink. Read more this company here.

Sustain Earth

Making Rural Landscape Where Women Can Cook In Smokeless, Pollution free Condition

This innovative startup provides clean and affordable cooking gas to rural households in India using innovative biogas technology and enterprise models. With the aim to provide reliable, safe and affordable Biogas systems for rural household, Sustain Earth uses Biogas technology to provide clean cooking gas to rural communities.

They have built robust biogas technology through a user-centric design approach named Gau Gas systems. It is easy to install, more reliable and easy to maintain. They use the internet and mobile connectivity to keep track of the performance of their systems.

Green Nerds

Providing Solutions For Environmental Issues

[caption id="attachment_117435" align="aligncenter" width="700"]green nerds plastic bottle PECK PECK -- A plastics PET bottle and E-waste Collection Kiosk. It act as collection point for dry waste in corporate offices, malls, public places and will offer candy as reward[/caption]

Incepted in the year 2010, Green Nerds have developed a range of technology products to control littering, segregation, manage and recycle commercial, residential, household and municipal solid waste in a scientific way. Focused on providing solutions for environmental issues, they offer a complete range of solutions and products for waste management and other environmental issues. Their solution includes development and erection of plant, equipment and technology for different types of waste management and industrial dedusting systems and technologies i.e littering management in railways, airports, malls, etc. Over the years they claim to installed closed to 100 small and large plants, products in municipalities across Karnataka and AP, and commercial, residential buildings, Temples etc.


Leveraging Nature, People And Technology to holistically Manage Waste

Established in 2013, Saahas Zero Waste (SWZ) is a socio-environmental enterprise. Through the Zero Waste Programme they operate on-site solutions for bulk waste generators including tech parks and residential complexes. For smaller waste generators, they offer holistic waste management which includes collection and process at their units, Kasa Rasa.

Further, they have an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program where they partner with packaging companies and e-waste producers to develop and implement a reverse logistics mechanism that facilitates in bringing back large volumes of post-consumer waste into the recycling chain. Apart from this they also run a ‘closing the loop’ initiative where startup offer products made from waste including compost and a range of other recycled products like roofing sheets from recycles consumer tetra packs and gifting box made from recycled computer/mobile chipboards.

Apart from this they also run a ‘closing the loop’ initiative where startup offer products made from waste including compost and a range of other recycled products like roofing sheets, clipboards, stationary items. Backed by Indian Angel Network, SZW currently manages 25 tons of waste per day across Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Cutlery You Can Eat

Plastic, a petroleum by-product is more harmful to human body because of the presence of several toxins and carcinogens. Its application as food consumption utensil enhances the chances of these chemicals to get into the human system.

Founded in 2010 , Hyderabad based Bakeys worked on the innovative idea of completely removing plastic cutlery and replace it with edible ones. The edible cutlery is made from flours of less irrigation demanding crops such as jowar (sorghum). Bakey’s edible spoons come in three different flavours - sweet, plain and savoury. A set of 100 such spoons costs just Rs 300.


Revitalise Menstrual Practices That Are Healthy, Affordable And Eco Positive


A women-led social enterprise, Eco Femme, founded in 2010 produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education to adolescents, and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way. Tamil Nadu-based startup aims to create environmental and social change through revitalizing menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable.

Aura Herbal

Dying Naturally

Aura natural Dyes

Founded by Arun Baid and Sonal Baid, Aura Herbal is developing their own process of manufacturing natural textiles and dyes, sourcing herbs and other raw materials through made-to-order contracts with farmers in Madhya Pradesh and South India. Incubated in Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Aura opened its first showroom in Ahmedabad where it announced the launch of the Aura brand of the organic herbal range of apparels and accessories. Under the brand, Aura Herbal Wear company designs t-shirts, shirts, scarves, yoga apparels, eco bags, fabrics, undergarments and SPA products by using herbal dyeing process. In this process, company makes its textiles right from growing cotton to the finished product completely organic and chemical dye free.


Providing Decentralized Energy Solutions To Underserved Households


Established in 2009, ONergy (Punam Energy Pvt. Ltd.) is a Kolkata-based social enterprise that provides decentralized energy solutions to underserved households and institutions. The company provides complete energy solutions with an entire range of solar products. Till date, ONergy claims to impacted 2,50,000 lives by providing solutions such as solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar water heating systems, solar inverters, solar street lighting, cookstoves, KW installations for households and institutions. Not only this, ONergy has also launched innovative products such as solar TV, solar computer, solar microgrids and solar irrigation systems.

It operates through a network of trained rural entrepreneurs and leveraging the existing networks of local NGOs, SHGs and MFIs. Currently, it operates across West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand through a network of RECs that reach out to remote areas.

Fourth Partner Energy

Bringing Sustainable Change By Installing Solar Grid

Founded by three partners in 2010, Fourth Partner Energy (4PEL) aims to build, develop and manage a large operating portfolio of decentralised solar power assets in India. They provide innovative products and services that harness the renewable resources at lower costs. It is a full-service Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) providing design, engineering, installation and O&M services for rooftop solar systems. They have completed over 500+ installations across multiple states in India and executed grid connected and off-grid installations with capacities ranging from 1 kWp to 500 kWp. Their customers range from a variety of industries such as educational institutions, corporates, hospitals, banks, industrial clients, and non-profit organizations.

So these are few green startups which are contributing towards the better environment and providing greener and healthy life to the masses in India. If you find any other startup who is contributing towards making greener India do mention it in comment box below.

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