In what could be seen as Twitter's Diwali gift to India, the social networking giant recently unveiled a special #MakeinIndia Twitter emoji for the country. According to Twitter, its main aim behind the emoji is to promote India as a global manufacturing hub.

With the #MakeinIndia emoji, the Indian government has became the first non-US based brand to have a Twitter emoji, which can been considered as a big achievement in itself.

[caption id="attachment_102384" align="aligncenter" width="621"]The Make in India emoji features its prominent lion logo against an orange background. The Make in India emoji features its prominent lion logo against an orange background.[/caption]

Coincidentally, the big announcement came a few days after commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman's visited the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss India's importance as a strategic growth market and how Twitter can help in promoting the country's brand to rest of the world. And, now with the emoji launch, we can say, the agenda has been appropriately fulfilled.

The Make in India brand campaign hashtag already has over 300 million impressions and nearly 24 million engagements in August and September this year. Further, the official account of the campaign, @MakeInIndia has a huge fan following of over 700,000 followers since its inception a year ago.

In order to highlight this much ambitious Indian government campaign, an emoji of a black lion on an orange background, a version of the programme's official logo, will now appear next to every #MakeInIndia hashtag tweet worldwide.

According to a press release by Twitter, "The #MakeInIndia emoji symbolises success of the brand campaign on Twitter with nearly 500 million impressions this year to promote India as a great place for foreign direct investment to transform the country into a global manufacturing hub."


With its huge global reach, the Make in India emoji by Twitter can prove to be a huge success for the Indian government as it can attract huge global attention towards the campaign.

"The 'Make In India' story is increasingly resonating with business leaders around the world and Twitter has proven to be a valuable and effective channel to tell the highly-engaging story to an influential global audience," said Sitharaman in a statement to a national daily.

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