Is the hunt for your old modelled refrigerator's spare part, giving you sleepless nights? Have you contacted multiple spare part dealers but don't know whom to trust? This is a kind of situation in which all most all of us get entangled at some point of time in our life. But, with SpareGuru, all this is going to be a thing of the past.

Based in Mumbai, SpareGuru is a marketplace that enables sellers, dealers and manufacturers all across the country to sell and purchase spare parts. With SpareGuru, one can easily shop for spare parts in the same way one buys clothes, vegetables etc. online.

Understanding the nature of the market they're working in, the startup has enabled phone, email and text/Whatsapp based purchasing as well. Along with this, by allowing payment modes like Funds Transfer, they wish to make the entire purchasing process a tension free experience for their customers. Various other interesting features like automatic product quotations etc. are currently under process.

The spare part market in the country is currently very fragmented and not so pro-technology. This makes it a difficult task to tie up with suppliers and connect with them. For example, on the breakdown of a machine, the owner typically has to contact multiple suppliers for quotes and the process of getting quotes in itself takes a long time. One might not even be able to reach the proper supplier as there are too many man in the middle and connecting with the right supplier becomes a big and daunting task. This is where Spareguru comes in and solves all these problems. By providing instant online quotes and tieing-up with multiple suppliers and best manufacturers in the country, the innovative startup helps the customer reach directly to the source directly and in a much efficient way.

[caption id="attachment_102389" align="alignleft" width="327"](L-R) Ketur Shah & Gaurav Wadhwani, Co-founders, (L-R) Ketur Shah & Gaurav Wadhwani, Co-founders,[/caption]

SpareGuru has been founded by two college mates, Ketur Shah and Gaurav Wadhwani. Alumni of the Prestigious University College London, Ketur has done his MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship, while Gaurav has done his MSc in Web Sciences and Big Data analytics. They together conceived the idea for SpaceGuru while working on a dissertation and business pitch for their post-graduation degree on how one can make use of technology and Big Data to change the way Spare parts are purchased in India. And, Ketur family's 35 years of experience in the business of industrial Supply only worked in their advantage.

Seeing the nature of their market , they have worked out a strategy to acquire customers only on the basis of low margins and high quality products. At the moment, they have selected the Automobile spares and Earth moving spares niche for themselves. Their future plans involve tieing-up with various Generic Industrial Spares like Nut bolts etc. and become the Flipkart for any industries SpareParts requirements.

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