Everyone loves to be recognised and awarded for their good work. Recognition provides us that extra push to work harder and achieve greater heights. This concept also very aptly applies to the work setup. Sometimes the work becomes so monotonous that the employees becomes robotic and starts doing work just for the sake of finishing the assigned task. A little recognition and small awards can work wonders in such a situation.

Recognising this recognition need is a Bangalore based startup called Shabashy. Shabashy /Shābāshi:/ is a pat on the back in the Indian subcontinent to signal commendation for an achievement, similar in meaning to bravo and kudos.

The startup is a simple web/ mobile based peer-to-peer recognition and micro bonus platform. Using the platform, companies can assign a definite budget to each of its employee which then get converted into points which employees can give to each other for the good work they do on a daily basis.

Besides, employees can gather Shabashy points from peers and redeem them for one of the various gift cards.

The company has very interestingly named this act of giving points to each other as giving a shabashy. The platform keeps the act of giving shabashys public so as to encourage transparent behaviour within a company. When an employee has accumulated enough points to redeem, they get two options. One is to redeem the points for a gift card from major retailers and second is donate it to a charity of their choice.

Peer recognition is an easy way to ensure employees are being recognized effectively and Shabashy is essentially crowdsourcing the employee recognition through its platform.

Shabashy is currently the only product in Indian market providing a platform like this. They are also in the process of to create the platform into a mobile app so as to make it a mobile first too.

Founded by Amar Gautam, the Bangalore-based startup is completely bootstrapped right now. Their aim is to take the platform global especially to Latin America which is one of the fastest growing market.

The startup's reward platform is currently free for 100 users or less and cost mere USD 1 for more than 100 users.

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