With an era of water shortage dawning upon the world, this particular invention was much needed. Nebia is one of a kinds shower head that boosts of reducing the amount of water used by up to 70%. Yes, 70 percent.

What has caught more fancy of the world other than the product itself, is the kinds of investors that the startup has been able to attract. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, are some of the high profile investors of the Silicon Valley based shower heads startup.

An average shower takes around 20 gallons of water, but according to Nebia, showers taken using its shower heads only use about six gallons. Nebia reduces the amount of water used through its nozzles that break water down into droplets. That means even though less water is being used, more water is coming into contact with the body of the person taking the shower.

Essentially, Nebia's trade marked H2MICRO technology atomizes water into millions of droplets to create 10 times more surface area than a regular shower. More water comes in contact with your body leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

In testing of a prototype by NYTimes, the multinozzle shower head produced a misty spray (the word nebbia in Italian means mist) that could easily immerse the one who taking shower me in water, unlike traditional shower heads that shoot pressurized streams of water.

The Silicon Valley based startup has chosen to remain mum on the amount of money it has raised from the top tech executives.

The startup has been testing out its product on the campuses of Google and Apple, as well as in Stanford University and at Equinox gyms.

With the discussions on water rationing getting frequenter day by day, California is currently in the middle of a drought like situation. Hence, tech giants are going out of their way to invest in Nebia.

The startup is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise $100,000 to help it ship its first units. The cost of sinle Nevia shower panel starts from $299 and cab be pre-ordered from Kickstarter.

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