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Think about those moments when you lost your car keys or an important doccument and you thought that life would have been much easier if, just like computers, there could be a Cntrl + F (search) feature in your real life.

Google, the search engine giant, has once again found solution to something similar problem of yours. The company has found a way of making people's real-life experiences searchable online.

With the company's new patent, one could make his/her real-life experiences searchable via a device like the Google Glass. The patent link can be availed here.

Reportedly, videos recorded using devices such as a wearable (think Google Glass) could be made searchable at a later date, using the new patent. The process goes something like this. When a video is recorded, the video is sent to the paired phone, and then further to a server to be stored there in order to make a collection of the users ‘real-life videos’. The video can then be searched later by using the online databases. A user will just have to give a query like " My videos from my India Trip", to the wearable device and it will display the relevant results to its user.

Spreading more light on how the query search will work, the patent reads, "the method may also include transmitting a query of the user to the server computer system to initiate a search of the history or real-world experiences, and receiving results relevant to the query that include data indicative of the media data in the history of real-world experiences.”

The patent further notes, “When the user is determined to be within a popular location, preference manager may automatically turn on media capture without intervention of a user. In another embodiment, preferences manager, may be set to continuously or periodically capture media data for a specific interval of time.”

The patent even suggests that the technology could be used by security forces, who could ask questions like “Show me the faces of all people that were seen between 1 P.M. and 3 P.M.” to see everyone seen by a group of security guards wearing Glass. It could essentially turn everyone wearing Glass into a walking CCTV camera.

While being able to search your own real-life experiences might just be the next step towards the future, this particular thing will take some time to go live as the idea is just a patent right now.

With the current generation making full use of its high definition video smartphone cameras, a searchable index for videos was a much needed invention. But, considering these real-life experiences will be searchable, privacy may prove to be a concern for many users.

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