Do you have a bunch of stuff tucked away in the last drawer of your almirah, which basically is of no use to you but is so precious to dispose off or sell? Try Gorenty, a Delhi-NCR based online marketplace that allows owners to rent out their good/services and earn money from it. Similarly, renters can also make use of the platform to find attractive rental deals in and around their vicinity.

The easy to use interface of Gorenty allows users to browse across multiple categories of items, along with pricing, details,and contact of the owner/vendor. From home appliances, cars, outfits to furniture, accessories etc., anything and everything legal can be rented out on Gorenty.com.

One similar startup to Gorenty is RentSher, a P2P online renting platform based out of Bengaluru. Rentsher however doesn't allow owners to earn money by renting their poducts through its platform.

The currently self-funded Gorenty is a bootstrapped startupn founded by Vineet Goyal and Amit Kumar, both having more than 12 years of experience in the creative digital industry and Java Development respectively. There are two more core members, Ms.Manju Bala, Co-founder and Product Head and Mr. Joginder Pal, who is President of Gorenty.com respectively.

[caption id="attachment_100934" align="alignleft" width="700"]Team GoRenty - (L-R) Amit Kumar, Manju Bala, Vineet Goyal and Joginder Pal. Team GoRenty - (L-R) Amit Kumar, Manju Bala, Vineet Goyal and Joginder Pal.[/caption]

According to Vineet Goyal, founder of Gorenty.com, "So far the target customers of the online retail market were the Buyers and the Sellers. Now we are tapping into a largely unexplored and huge customer base – the Renters." The objective of the startup is to connect people who own unused stuff at home to those who need that stuff for only a temporary duration… a day, week, month or maybe a little more.

The platform's clean and easy user experience is the thing that distinguishes it from others in the market. Gorenty is a platform which is dedicated for all renting solutions. Rental market is a very unorganized sector and Gorenty aims to transform this unorganized sector into an organised and customer friendly sector.

The startup's immediate future plans include launching the first Rental Marketplace mobile application very soon.

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