A Bangalore based startup has set out on its startup journey with a mission of making learning a habit. ChalkStreet boasts of being first India-centric marketplace for online courses.

The platform brings together unique and relevant content from Indian teachers. It aims to be a revolutionary platform for learning that encourages engagement with other learners and ensures continued interest of the learners.

Chalkstreet was envisioned as a solution to the problems for young learners across the country that were seen while scaling up FACE (previous successful venture of the two other co-founders). There were three key problems: 1. No relevant content targeted at Indian learners, 2. Affordability of good online courses and 3. High dropouts due to duration and lack of engagement online to sustain.

As a product, Chalkstreet solves this by bringing in high-quality content from Indian teachers. We have an in-house production team that helps authors shoot these videos as well as an internal course review team that maintains a high bar. Our courses are focused on specific topics and affordable. Our learning platform is social encouraging interaction between learners as well as using Gamification to motivate course completions and engagements.

ChalkStreet was founded by Tyagarajan S (CEO), Venkat V, Rajesh Kumar and Raj Karthik (CTO). All of them are IIM alumnus and have diverse experience across diverse fields. In fact, Venkat V, Rajesh Kumar and Raj Karthik have also co-founded another venture called FACE (Focus Academy for Career Enhancement ) together. FACE is associated with over 600+ educational institutions across India and has trained over 10,00,000+ students since inception.

ChalkStreet offers varied courses like popular programming and arts courses, to unique Indian centric courses like CSS, Tamil 101, 'Sanskrit','Learning Guitar,' and 'Aptitude for placements'. Further, the learners also have an option to learn courses in their favorite regional languages (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu supported currently).

The Bangalore based startup is currently bootstrapped from the successful venture of two co-founders (FACE). They plans to grow exponentially in the next one year with more funding support.

ChalkStreet is the only India-centric marketplace for online courses that aims to make learning a habit. The key USP of the startup is that it is offering relevant India-focused content and a unique learning experience (mobile app) through an engaging social platform with 'Gamification' of the experience.

The content on the platform (from hundreds of teachers across the country) is relevant to the Indian learner. We do this by enabling authors across India to teach both popular and unique topics. In addition to popular courses ranging from programming to arts, we have courses that are unique to India like ‘Tamil 101’, 'Sanskrit', 'Aptitude for placements', etc.

"More than 50% of the jobs in the country today did not exist 20 years ago. Yet we still have an education system whose teaching methodologies and curriculum remain largely unchanged for decades. Employed professionals seek out new avenues to up skill themselves or train themselves in specialized skills. In the last 2-3 years, more and more Indians have looked to the internet for more current and accessible learning. However there is a dire need for one that satisfy all these needs and be affordable", said Tyagarajan, co-founder & CEO of Chalkstreet.

"At ChalkStreet we plan to address these problems by making learning choice-based, relevant, affordable and accessible. The growing online access in the country offers us a great opportunity to enable access to learning through this medium. While the internet is a great place to learn on its own (as Idea Internet Network has so efficiently branded as their own making) it is difficult to find targeted, high-quality learning experiences today. We will start seeing a shift towards curated, high-quality learning content that addresses need-based learning", he added.

Chalkstreet claims to be the only online learning marketplace mobile app that offers an engaging social platform around learning with gamification and social networking elements built in to drive user engagement.

The startup plans to grow aggressively in the next 12 months with more funding support and confidently aims to be India's largest marketplace for online learning.

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