Anonymity is one of the most famous advantage and disadvantage of social media. While some use this anonymity to their advantage by using it for the good causes, others, on the other hand, end up abusing it by using and spreading derogatory statements about something/someone. In order to help its users be safe from this social media evil, Twitter, one of the most famous social networking site has launched a new resource called the Safety Centre.

Safety Centre will act as a great resource for anyone and everyone who wants to learn about online safety on Twitter or on the web in general.

It is interesting to note that the Safety Centre has been launched just a few months after the now former CEO of the micro blogging site Dick Costolo commented about how the social media site "sucks" at dealing with online abuse.

The Safety centre has three main sections, namely, Tools, Policies and Enforcement. All these sections give a detailed information about how one can customise the site to suit themselves, the rules and regulations that the site applies, and how the site enforces these rules.

"This resource is a result of our work with online safety experts who continuously help us to promote good digital citizenship," said Twitter in a blog post on the launch of the new safety centre.

"Your online safety is a shared responsibility, and digital citizenship is essential to fostering a safe environment for all. As Twitter evolves along with the world of online safety, we will continue to create new materials for the Safety Centre," the blog post added.

The safety centre contains pages aiming at different Twitter users; from parents to teenagers and educators, Twitter has made a special effort to cover as many as it users as it can. Each of these sections has special customised advice for that group on how to get the most out of Twitter, with the Teenagers section having a special focus on privacy, thinking before you share, and dealing with online bullying.

Not many people know but reporting feature already existed in Twitter where one can report Twitter accounts that are harassing, bullying, or threatening you or someone else, especially if block and mute don’t fix the issue. Twitter will then investigate and determine the appropriate response.

Facebook had created a similar site earlier this year to clarify its users about how the site dealt with different types of content.

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