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Ridengine Is India's First P2P Bikes & Car Rental Platform


A Hyderabad based startup called Ridengine is here to make renting Bikes and Cars a much cheaper, easier and friendlier rental experience than it ever was. Understanding the trust and security issues that Indian people face while renting their vehicles or renting out a vehicle, Ridengine solves this major problem by allowing Bikes & Cars rentals only to and from people one knows.

Ridengine will be India's first peer-to-peer bike & car rental platform i.e Rent a car or bike from some one you know. It is currently ready for beta release with minimal features.

Started with funding of just Rs.20,000 from family and friends, the startup is founded by three Johns Hopkins University(US) graduates - Dinesh Rao, Harish Chandramowli and Narayan Gowraj, the startup not only aims to overcome the challenges specific to Indian car rental Market but also act as act as a medium of communication for non-tech users to connect with tech-savvy population and make use of the services they have to offer.

"We want to introduce a peer-to-peer vehicle rental service that will help the owners share their vehicle with their friends and trusted corporate employees. Further Indian population consist of tech and non-tech users. Our platform, we will act as a medium through which non-tech users can communicate with tech-savvy population,"
said Dinesh, co-founder, Ridengine."We want to revolutionize the Indian bike & car rental space by bringing transparency and help people rent bike/car to a trusted user," he added.

Touted as India's 1st peer to peer (P2P) car and bike rental platform, Ridengine is unique but somehow competes with other niche players in India such as - Zoomcar, which have self driving fleet of cars but not bikes and moreover, does not have peer-to-peer model, another one is Bangalore-based Wikedride.in which offers Bike rental only and is non-P2P.

Calling themselves the 'RelayRides' for Bikes and Cars in India, Ridengine is in the market to revolutionize the Indian bike & car rental space by bringing in transparency and helping people rent bike/car to a trusted user.

Having spent 20+ years in India before moving to US, the three founders are well aware about the advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer rentals, both in USA and India and they have tried to solve this in Ridengine.

The startup has divided its future plans into four phases. Phase 1 includes the beta release of the website. This phase also includes an optional corporate email id verification step. Phase 2 includes integrating the website log in with facebook login and connecting the users with their facebook friends , which will allow them to control the visibility of their bikes. Phase 3 includes employing a small call center to connect tech friendly and non-tech friendly users.

And, finally, Phase 4 includes launching an android and iOS app for the startup.

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