Having a good product is not enough nowadays. A good product becomes a successful product only through its rightful promotion and with increasing reach of Internet the medium is being increasingly used by consumers to discover new businesses and products online.

Nowadays having a website and videos are the two most famous means for businesses to gain visibility online. Websites have now become a common thing but people are still skeptical about spending money on making videos but with StoryXpress they can leave all their worries behind. StoryXpress is a cloud based video creation service that makes creation of video content an easy and money efficient task. Its first product helps the businesses to convert their audio, video clips, photos, tweets and texts into beautiful and attractive videos. Videos have proved to be a great promotional tool in today’s internet age.

The process involved in making these videos has just three easy steps. The first involves choosing a theme for the video. Currently StoryXpress provides three themes for products, services and apps. It’s is going to add more themes very soon. A theme should be chosen by keeping the kind of business you’re into in mind.

The second step involves uploading images, for example, if it’s an app, one needs to upload the screenshots of the app; similarly if it is for a service, you'll be required to screenshots of the website. And further it also provides opportunities to create a store or product video by clicking some photographs of the store or product and then uploading them.

The third and the final step involves sharing your videos and acquiring new customers through it. The video created can be embedded in your website and easily shared on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and various other social networking sites.

StoryXpress is a bootstrapped company started in 2013. The company is a product of hardwork of basically four people, Ankit Mishra, Mudit Tanwani, Sanyam Kapoor and Chinmay Jindal.

The Hyderabad based startup specializes in API, StoryBoard and automated video creation. The startup is actually a product of a campus idea and according to the founders this has actually worked in favor of them as being a college startup, no one expects a salary from you, so you don’t have to pay yourself. According to them, their door room doubles up as their office and they even get access to free Wi-Fi.

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