With the increasing population, the problem of pollution is also on rise, especially in developing nations. This increasing pollution has in return given rise to various respiratory illnesses which has become the leading cause of hospitalization in these countries. Each year thousands and thousands of patients suffer and die due to the lack of early easy mechanical ventilation. In order to bail people out of these respiratory illnesses, OneBreath, which is a medical device company, has come up with a portable ventilator which though provides the performance and functionality of the current market leaders in the technology but is still available at much cheaper rates and more reliable and easy to use than them.

Each year thousands of patients die because of lack of early access to mechanical ventilation. Based on current bed-to-ventilator ratios, India’s shortage is over 1 million devices. New machines cost upwards of $20,000 and are often too complex and fragile for use in harsh rural environments.

The portable ventilator has been made to be used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), emergency rooms and ambulances. It further has been designed keeping in mind its usage to provide continuous respiratory support for children through adult patients. It is has also been optimized to be used in environments wherein we have very little resources around. The portable ventilator has been designed for novice through advanced users.

OneBreath ventilators cost just around Rs 3 lakh as against regular products in the market which carry price tags of around Rs 25 lakh.

The portable ventilator comes packed with a lot of features. It provides various advanced ventilation modes, which include AC, SIMV, +PS, and PSV. The company’s new condition based ventilation has a very intuitive touchscreen interface that too with real time waveforms. The portable device further has the capability to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth. The ventilator functions on internal compressor or external oxygen, and compressed air. In order to increase its reliability and usability, the device comes with long lasting rechargeable batteries.

With its low-cost device, OneBreath aims to address the accessibility of ventilators in Tier-II and Tier-III town and district hospitals in India.

One Breath is a medical company based in Bangalore and California which has a mission to advance healthcare in developing countries. It currently aims to solve the problem of accessibility of ventilators in Tier-II and Tier-III and district hospitals of India. Going by the current bed to ventilator ratios, the country’s shortage is over 1 million devices.

In January this year, OneBreath had secured $3 million from Hyderabad based VC firm Ventureast and angel investors like Pierre Omidyar founder of ebay, former OnMobile COO Rajiv Kuchhal and BVR Mohan Reddy, founder of Infotech Enterprises.

OneBreath has also been named one of 2014's top innovations by the India Innovation and Growth Program.

One Breath has a core team of three members, which includes its Founder and CMO, Matthew Callaghan, CEO, A.Vijayasimha and COO, Bryan Loomas. The company has various laurels to its credit, which include being named one of the 2014’s top innovations by the Indian and growth program earlier this year. It was also named a TiE top 50 startup by TiE Silicon valley in April 2014.

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