Have you ever wondered why the world can't be at your fingertips? Well now with a new gesture based device developed by India based startup called FIN in town, this lifelong dream of yours can actually come true though not literally.

Fin is the latest innovation in the Wearable technology category which can be worn by the user at the thumb of his/her hand as a ring. The ring then converts the user's whole palm, fingers as numeric keypad and gesture space. Using it, the user can control upto three devices such as Smart TVs, smartphones and car radio just by using taps and swipes. The ring connects with these devices using Bluetooth. This wearable device can also act as a great help to the 285+ million visually impaired people in the world to interact with technology.

Fin will come with waterproof: IP67 and a Li Po custom battery with micro-USB charging dock. Its one charge will last for one week and have the durability of more than one year. The device will come with excellent sensors which will be capable of tracking accurate movement of your thumb on the palm and detect each part of your finger where you are touching. It will be compatible with Windows, iOS, MAC, Windows phones and Android.

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Using Fin, you will be able perform functions such as attending calls, dialing, texting, social media and taking notes etc  even without touching your Smartphone physically. You can even use the device to control your Smart TVs such as control its volume and change its channels with mere natural finger swipes and taps. Fin can actually prove to very useful in cars as using it, we can control our phones while driving, receive calls and read messages, navigate through maps and change music etc with just a swipe of our finger, without any distraction or taking our hands off the steering wheel.

The device has five pre-programmed gestures and in its final iteration, the users will be able to create custom gestures on an app that will come with the device. Fin is expected to retail for $ 120 and will most probably be launched before the end of this year.

The company behind this wonder product is a Kerala based startup called RHL Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. RHL has been incubated at Startup Village, Kerala. Founded by Rohildev N, Fin Robotics is sister concern of RHL Vision based out of Cochin, Kerala. Rohildev is Founder/CEO at Fin Robotics and Innovation officer at RHL Vision.

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