Traffic has forever been a stressful thing to handle. We all have been through traffic jams and long waiting lines at signals. "We want to help people plan better & work around the stress caused by Traffic in the cities. With features like travel times and live alerts that we offer, commuting is so much easier for the people," says Ravi Khemani (founder). Birds Eye System’s product Traffline aims to provide real time traffic information to road commuters in India and streamlining traffic flows.

"The endeavor was to build an App for the city masses, which will enable them to plan their city travel with all the necessary information on the mobile phone," says Ravi. It is an easy to deploy solution which specifically addresses the nuances of commercially fast growing cities with increasing vehicular traffic.

[caption id="attachment_95307" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Founders of Traffline - Ravi Khemani and Brijraj Vaghani Founders of Traffline - Ravi Khemani and Brijraj Vaghani[/caption]

Based out of Ville Parle, Mumbai, the company has expertise in the areas of system design, statistical analysis, data mining and software development. The firm’s primary and niche products is a low cost, real time traffic monitoring system called Traffline for fast growing metropolitan cities, built around its patented algorithms. It was started by Ravi Khemani and Brijraj Vaghani in 2010. The founders worked in NextWave and Qualcomm before taking a plunge into Birds Eye System.

"The response has been immense and there's definitely a need for the App. There are more than 100000 App users, 30000+ on social media and thousands of website hits every day," says Brijraj, proudly.

They provide unique services some of which are below:

1) Dedicated Call center to help users/commuters with on location traffic update. They also assist the commuters to plan their travel time and route according to the traffic congestion.

2) A Timeline on the App which integrates social media, Traffline users and also the traffic police alerts into one place for all the comprehensive information for the user.

3) Real time traffic update is our core value propositions. Their information keeps updating every 1 minute. This helps the commuters to keep a track of the actual scenario on the roads.

4) Service of SMS/ Email alerts. The commuters have been provided with a SMS/Email facility for real time traffic update as per the time and requirement, which stands unique from others.

"We have around 60 employees that include system architects, senior level engineers, mobile application developers, quality analyst, and marketing teams,” says Utkarsh Sharma, SEO Analyst & Developer at the organization. “In 2011 we were incubated by CIIE (Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship). We are currently funded by Indian Angel Network,” says Ravi, proudly. "From the start of this project, we have received a lot of good feedback from everyone. We participated in an event by Qualcomm Ventures in 2009 for which we won a Q-Prize. We also emerged as winners at 'Power of Ideas', an event organized by Economic Times and IIM-Ahmedabad in 2010,” adds Brijraj. We asked them if they had any doubts before starting up, and they said, "We always had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve. We did have difficulties but never any doubts."

“We have signed contracts with companies and fleet agencies which provide us with GPS Data for tracking traffic updates. Not just this, we also have feet on street along with tie ups with Traffic Police departments in the respective cities,” adds Utkarsh. They are currently operational in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. They plan to add cities like Chennai, Jaipur, Calcutta, Ahemdabad to the traffline network and also launching new apps for Public transport and parking.

Message for future entrepreneurs

Brijraj: "Keep innovating especially when you are a Startup as this will help you capture the Market."
Ravi: "Focus and look at avenue to always add value. And always assume various other challenges. Don't be afraid of taking a different track."

The best advice we got is, "If a user is having a problem, it's our problem." This line quoted by Steve Jobs has been implemented by them very well and they have made sure that no user faces issues.

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