Mad Over Marketing: How mere Facebook page led to a successful online startup

2 years ago, 5 enthusiastic students from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata got together in pursuit of our one common passion - marketing. They started a Facebook page called MoM as a unique way to promote a marketing summit that was launched in college. "Instead of spamming people by talking about the summit, we decided to create a forum where we dished out all things marketing and encouraged talk on the page,” says Siddhant, a co-founder who is currently working with ITC Ltd. "This philosophy kind of stayed. Our essence is to never really shove paid content down people's social media. We're all about good, solid content," adds Wamika, another co-founder working at The Boston Consulting Group.

Their team consists of five very different profiles with different exposure, cumulatively we have a good sense of what is good content for all kinds of people. "Whether it's original content or amalgamated, every piece put up on our page or website is done by hand. So it's a very well controlled environment with no compromise on content quality," adds Nikhil who manages MOM along with working at ICICI Bank. Nikhil, Snehal and Umang are other co-founders. Snehal is a professional photographer whereas Umnag is the owner of 'Icy Spicy' a restaurant at Andamans.

co-founders of mad over marketing

They have content partnerships with some brands and they provide social media and complete branding services for clients. Their clients range from startups to media houses and social media agencies. "Even beyond this, we're open to anything completely random. If an aircraft manufacturer approaches us with a cool idea, we might go down that road too!" says Snehal.

They launched a website Mad Over Marketing last month when they realized that Facebook wasn’t a canvas big enough for what they wanted to share with the world. In just 2 years they grew to 80k engaged subscribers without a penny spent, and the website has gotten over 6 lakh views in just 40 days. "We have a very heavy presence in US, UK, and the UAE so there is a lot if international content being shared as well. Apart from this, we have a series of commercial projects on," says Umang.

They have successfully sold one line of merchandise and are preparing the second launch. They also have activities lined up with colleges around the country with a Campus Ambassadorship program. The team is located Pan India and have invested their personal savings into the startups. They will look for funding in a span of 3 to 5 years. As a message for future entrepreneurs, Siddhant says "Don't be lazy and keep the excitement up. Work smart!" We can see how working smart has helped MOM grow.

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