The KarmaSnap android app helps users capture and share acts of kindness, create campaigns, call for volunteers and fundraise. The Bangalore based startup was founded by Ram, Mahboob, Jayanand and Gautham and is currently based in Dubai as a part of Turn8 acceleration program (a brainchild of DP World and i360accelerator program) to encourage innovative entrepreneurship worldwide, starting with Dubai. TURN8 Dubai has seed invested 30,000USD in KarmaSnap.

KarmaSnap, the first platform for social good started in Nov 2013, is launching the beta version of its android application. With the aim of bringing all parties involved in social good together, the app is one part of KarmaSnap’s solution that brings together users, non-profits and socially responsible organizations. "The idea of KarmaSnap was born out of years of experience and observations around us. Starting from the simplest random acts of kindness performed by the strangers to social movements like The Ugly Indian which brings together the community to take the civic problems upon themselves and solve them," says Ram. KarmaSnap is influenced by various such examples from different parts of the world.

KarmaSnap is also a mobile based campaign management solution for non-profit organizations and corporations with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The mobile solution is an android app, which can be used to launch and manage campaigns. The campaigns can be for fundraising or to call for volunteers. KarmaSnap also envisions providing asset management and employee engagement solution for large corporations, as an enterprise solution.

They started off with the idea to build a platform for people and organizations to share their good deeds and social campaigns to the larger public. As they interacted with people, non-profits and foundations they realized the increasing need of a more holistic platform that enables them not only to share the activities but also to organize, manage and measure the impact of their social campaigns. “On researching further, we found that there is no holistic platform that addresses these issues. We decided to address these issues as well,” says Gautham, the CMO. The team is mentored by Mr. Amir Yazdanpanah, the COO of Voice Trust .

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Imagine someone needs AB+ blood group or a blood donation drive. KarmaSnap users can call for the requirement and based on their location, users on KarmaSnap receive notification and they can help them out. Imagine what this could do, in times of disaster relief campaigns. "There are no other such companies which cares to address the issues faced by all the stakeholders in this sector," adds Mahboob. Users can also use the app to follow non-profits and organizations they support and keep track of their activities. Users will soon be allowed to create fundraising and volunteering for campaigns from the platform.

They are looking to partner with foundations with great initiatives for social impact and help them raise volunteers. They are in talks with two non-profits (based in Dubai) to help them manage their marathon campaigns. As a message for future entrepreneurs, Jayanand says "Though your plan is high, if you don't work on the basic elements first, it would be a difficult path. So don’t get diverted make sure your steps are complete before jumping in to next one. Afterall, entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race!"

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