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Public transport is a lifeline on which most cities of our country run and within the public transport, buses are the most economical option which is being used by more than half the population of the country on daily basis and the biggest problem being faced by these bus commuters are the erratic bus timings.  Well, not anymore, My MTC has finally come to the rescue of the bus commuters of Chennai.

My MTC is a crowd sourcing android app which has been especially designed for the Chennai City buses so as to track the realtime location of the bus that the commuters are looking for.

The app can be easily downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store and requires Android 2.3.3 and up to function.

Using the app, the bus commuter can update the current location of the bus during their travel by just updating "SPOT" and the app will use the current location retrieved through the GPS of the user’s phone as the current location of the bus.

The My MTC app also allows users to tag their favorite buses and get regular and realtime updates about the location of that bus. The commuters can even check the bus location by using “FIND”. The app makes use of efficient algorithms to make this tedious process look easy and fast.

The app comes packed with very interesting and impressive features. It provides the commuters with realtime notifications and information about the bus. It makes spotting and finding of a bus a real easy task.

The app even lets a user find the nearest bus stop from their current location through their phone’s GPS. In order to make travelling by buses easier and worry free, the app provides the users with the route maps of the bus route. It even provides them with them information like distance, bus fare and number of stops about the bus.

The application is a result of hardwork of connectingarea. The team at connectingarea had an aim of simplifying the Chennai MTC bus journey while developing this app. The team runs various checks and validations in order to remove the wrong update and information.

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